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Comment Re:Non-zero sum (Score 4, Insightful) 90


They were not intending to go through with the suit and were using the threat of having a $200,000 judgment against here as a way to pressure her into removing her review. They were hoping she would cower and hide away, not bitch SLAAP them for $26K with the help of an actual honest lawyer.

Comment Re:CHina's Mistake (Score 1) 742

Sure, as long as you're ready for the next iPhone model to cost twice as much as the previous one and be capable of less. There are reasons why manufacturing and assembly line jobs have moved out of the USA, you know.

Damn those OSHA requirements and labor laws, I want my cheap iPhone now!

Comment Re:SJW (Score 1) 287

the evidence is evidence no matter how it is obtained. That's the only logical way.

"A confession is a confession no matter how it is obtained. That's the only logical way."
Throwing away the bill of rights to convict someone we don't like is a very slipper slope we should not go down. They are there to protect from wrongful convictions and while it does allow the guilty to go free if proper procedures are not followed by the state like in this case, I prefer that to the alternative.

Comment Re:Rotten tomatoes indeed (Score 3, Insightful) 407

Also... was neat for a while..

Did petitions ever actually accomplish anything? I am serious cause sounds like a site for people to sign onto a petition no one will read. Does the petition ever get sent anywhere? Let alone to anyone who can make decisions?

Not trying to be rude but at least with paper petitions the recipient knows someone did the legwork to get people to sign. seems to be the epitome of armchair activism.

Comment Re:Turnabout IS fair play... (Score 1) 765

Typically when a company lays off an employee (or a few employees) as part of a layoff, how much notice do they give?

Usually it's immediate and involves a security escort to HR.

This, so much this. If your employer is one of the good ones and treats their employees fairly then feel free to give two weeks or however long it takes for a handover.
However if they just got done firing 1000 employees so the VP can make his bonus, and you are one of the skeleton crew left feel free to drop their ass like a bad habit. They show no loyalty and should get none in return.

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 2) 858

You just have to look at the outpouring of rage from whiny-ass MRA manbabies regarding the re-boot of Ghostbusters with an all-female cast to see how this mechanism plays out.

Funny, most of the MRA groups I know of are more concerned with social issues like disparate child custody decisions, prison sentencing and other inequalities in the justice system biased against men. The only group I have heard make statements on the Ghostbusters movie was the Red Pillers at Return of kings. Was that what you were referring to?

Remember the outrage over the latest Star Wars? How the MRAs were going to boycott? They degrade all of masculinity with their incessant whining.

Again not familiar with MRA's weighing in on popular movies, Return of kings did though and you should rightfully ignore them, they embarrass everyone including MRA's so please do not conflate the two.

Comment Re:Damnit, it is a MEDICAL INSTRUMENT! (Score 1) 266

MEMO TO IT GUYS: Stop treating medical instruments like they're desktop computers! Find another solution, or AT LEAST be smart about how you're installing your junk on it, IT IS A MEDICAL INSTRUMENT, DAMNIT!

To you it is a medical instrument, to would be attackers it is yet another unpatched windows box. How IT views something is not the same as how you do and if the organization's perimeter is breached your medical instrument might be a low hanging fruit for exploitation. Granted after exploiting it they may not find anything particularly useful on the device itself but they might find credentials to use elsewhere in the network. You have to remember cases like Stuxnet where the worm targeted Windows boxes used for running centrifuges, everyone else saw centrifuges but the attackers saw windows.

Now I am not defending the IT guys, if the system cannot have antivirus on it then it cannot have antivirus on it. The proper solution would be to keep the device off the network or isolate it inside it's own network away from everything else. They should be able to work with systems that cannot run AV and design security around that, not slap AV on everything and call it secure.

Comment Re:A new cult: Drone Danger Denial (Score 2) 401

UAS pilots are not idiots, if I hear a low flying manned aircraft I immediately dive to the ground. It is not like a stupid bird.

You may very well not be an idiot, you might operate your drone with intelligence and common sense and are aware of how to fly your UAS safely. If so good for you, way to set the example!

But the problem is not you, it is those idiots that do not think about the consequences of their actions that is making your hobby look like shit. Like the moron that flew his drone into a fire zone causing the fire fighters to ground their flights. Or another idiot that dropped his drone onto a kid at a movie theater. Or that one genius that crashed his drone on the white house lawn. These guys are the problem and who are getting everyone so riled up about drones.

So I want you to do yourself and every other responsible drone operator a favor: If you are out flying with your buddies and you see or hear about them about to do something stupid, go over there, grab them by the shirt, and slap the fucking taste out of their mouth. Because they are doing more harm to your hobby than a thousand regulatory busybodies ever could.

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