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Comment Re:Won't change anything... except (Score 2) 712

It will triple prices of elctricity, at least. What's going to cover what's left over, wind, nuclear, solar??? It time sure but not right now. They could convert coal plants over to natural gas but then you'll have the fracking nuts complain and try and do the same thing. hAck0r is right, they could use that $50 billion towards research and provide better solutions.

Comment Re:What about the existing guns? (Score 0) 1591

Not in NY, no. They have a year to sell of their old 10 round mags to people out of state. I live in PA and you can purchase any weapon you like, well for now. There are no mag limits. We also have a very extensive background check for every weapon purchased. We have to fill out forms for every gun and two government forms for hand gun. Before these recent shootings I could go and buy a 90 round mag for my AR-15. Right now you can not even find AR parts let alone ammunition for these weapons. The makers of these guns and ammunition stopped producing them until they find out what the new laws will be. I just do not understand why these politicians are not looking at the facts. You have Chicago and NYC, 2 of the top cities/states with the most extensive guns laws and guess what, they have the most gun related deaths. We don't live in a Utopia here and never will. There will always be despicable crimes no matter what laws they pass. Look at Australia, they nearly banned all guns and crime shot through the roof, no pun intended.

Comment Re:To WHOM is this OWED? (Score 1) 706

I thought that if the government wants money they go to the Federal Reserve and take out a loan. The money gets printed and they loan it at interest like any other bank. So as soon as the money gets created there's interest. We will never be out of debt if the Federal Reserve is in power and if you think about it if we didn't have debt there would be no money at all.

Comment Re:Sounds like win-win to me! (Score 5, Informative) 666

Nope, you can own fully automatic weapons if your state allows it. All fully automatic weapons purchased must be from 1986 or older. You have to fill out forms, then have multiple background checks, pay a tax stamp of $200 I believe. Wait six months and order your gun. Might I add that your are looking anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 for a full auto.

Comment Re:Sounds like win-win to me! (Score 5, Informative) 666

I'm pretty sure you can own semi-autos in DC. People get this confused a lot. A semi automatic gun is not an assault rifle, no matter how it looks. An assault rifle is a gun that fires more than one bullet with one pull of the trigger, i.e, machine guns. There may be a mag limit in D.C which would make it illegal if it shipped with a 30 Rd magazine. However, if he kept the gun and they found out he would have problems because guns, shipped via mail, need to be shipped to a FFL licensed dealer.

Comment Re:They better stop advertising it as "unlimited". (Score 1) 325

I agree with you however I wouldn't mine paying these prices if they would use it to upgrade their infrastructure a little more. It's like Verizon plugging the shit out of FIOS here in Pittsburgh but guess what, they stopped rolling it out because it cost too damn much. Or when they talk about their 4G LTE network, buy this phone and watch movies, download music and games at the speed of light. Okay, I'm getting one of these devices, oh wait why is my bill $600 this month? It just makes me bat shit crazy.

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