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Comment Make a phone with a replaceable Battery (Score 2) 37

I've sat out two upgrade cycles waiting on Samsung to come up with a viable replacement for the S5. I want a battery that can be replaced by mere mortals. It doesn't have to be as easy as the S5 to do so. But, it needs to be replaceable during its lifespan without sending it off to timbuktu.

Seems to me the whole exploding phone business wouldn't have happened had they not been bowing down to the god of thinness. S5 is a great form factor. Why do you need it smaller?

Comment Re:" it costs $130 and will be available in" (Score 1) 102

You don't need the cat5 cables; RPi3 has WiFi built in. Just use a router and you're all set. Set up your first one with SSH enabled and WiFi enabled for your wireless network. Then, clone the card for the other 7 systems. They should all show up on your WiFi router and you can SSH to them as needed.

I've got 5 RPi's of various generations. I could be accused of being a "Cat Lady" of Raspberry Pis!

Comment Re:Problem here seems to be Samsung? (Score 1) 186

I cite Ford Sync as a counter-example of Car companies handling this internally. 2012 Fusions still have problems and Ford will not stand behind fixing the issues -- even while they were in warranty. Standard answer, Disconnect your battery, leave off for 15 minutes, reconnect.

Still, it's Samsung's fault just like Ford's 3rd party "entertainment system" is their fault. The company that packaged it is who should fix the issue.

Comment Doing this stuff is hard (Score 2) 89

Although we proved it in the 60's, this stuff is hard. You've now got private companies competing, not cooperating via NASA to deliver this stuff.

The problem here is our federal government hot cancel contracts and retire heavy lifting vehicles. Frankly, the shuttles were not in immediate need of retirement. Endeavour, the newest, was built in '92 and could have been kept in rotation until there was a viable American-controlled alternative.

In the Reagan administration, the USS Iowa and Missouri were pulled out of mothballs to patrol the Strait of Hormuz. In fact, the USS Missouri served longer in this second period than it did in its maiden one.

Comment Re:Battery (Score 3, Insightful) 131

Agreed. I'm sitting this generation out -- again. iFIXIT's teardown of the S7 indicates that it's virtually impossible for those like me to replace the battery without damaging the back cover. I'll stick with my S5 until they come to their senses or, I'll have to look at that LG G5.

When will they learn to stop following Apple's lead?

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