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Comment courts for sale, blowout sale! (Score 1) 139

i got a feeling that a tech court would almost undoubtedly be seen as a court meant to make law to govern 'the business of technology'. such a court could easily be used by the corporate lobbies as a tool allowing them to divorce freedom of speech, the right to privacy, etc. from technical cases. notions of representation and the coming importance of digital identity would have no relevance in such a case, i'll wager that the decisions made by such a court would almost unilaterally ignore the general social impact of their rulings, focusing instead of financial law. the biggest fear that corporations have right now regarding rulings on technology and the internet is most likely that the standard court might, through some glorious epiphony, become aware that there is indeed a direct link between many of the technical subtleties of these cases and the future of our basic liberties in the coming years. what needs to happen is that politicos and judges throughout the ocuntry need to become aware that they are doing much more now that merely specifying the guideline for the growing internet economy...

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