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Comment Re:Stop fighting fate. (Score 1) 344


<quote><p>Dying languages really need to quit pissing in the wind</p></quote>

<p>But FTFS :</p>

<quote><p>French may become the world's most-spoken language by 2050 (due to its popularity among the fast-growing population of Africa)</p></quote>

<p>That's an interesting definition of dying you have there...</p></quote>

The more interesting thing is the numbers in that article... One study (assuming no major famine etc in Africa) shows as many as 750m first language speakers of French by 2050.  I'm not sure what will happen to the current Mandarin speakers since that currently is at 900m.   If you add lvl2 speakers, English and Chinese are still way above it.  I'd see the Africans learning one of those two in addition to French to succeed outside of Africa, so I see those numbers increasing as well.

I just don't get the studies numbers at all.   (But your point about French or other languages dying anytime soon is very valid.  Not going to happen short of a major catastrophe)

Comment Re:Non-muslim kpop girl band turned back from LAX. (Score 1) 704

<quote><p>The visa lift list is for tourism, not work or business.</p></quote>

When I was traveling all over for work, I had issues with EU countries, Canada, Mexico, and China.
Canada was the worst.  I ended up getting sent back to Buffalo, (then rented a car and drove across the border to Toronto, but still)
Going to Scotland I ended up stuck at Heathrow for 24 hours.  All of it was paperwork non sense.
The kpop group sounds like they tried pulling the tourist excuse, and then answered wrong when they said they were working.  Or like going to Canada for "just meetings" means you don't need a work visa.
And if you try and get a work visa, it better be to train canadians to do the work, and not actually doing work that a Canadian could do...
The British Muslim's, sounds like it's a case of one family member may have something questionable, so they hosed all 11 of them, including the children, which is ridiculous.  The Airline/list should have at worst detained the 1, and then investigated more thoroughly to see if it was a valid reason to prevent him/her from coming over.  Not kept  the kids and rest of the family out.
The entire security theater mixed with customs/immigrations for all countries is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2) 956

I wish I had mod points to give...

THIS line is what's wrong with schools in our country.
The fact that a student would feel ashamed rather than proud of making stuff to talk to his teachers and ask about is absurd.
Some of the coolest memories I have from school are (damn I'm old) are monkeying with circuit boards and TRS-80s to speed them up, and talking to our physics teacher.  He was one of the oddest people, but was so excited when we'd try and do something new.  Even went out of his way to encourage us to make things even if they failed miserably.  "You'll get it right next time"   or "Well, now you know why people don't build it that way"
Both were the perfect reaction to students building/experimenting/testing stuff.
THIS is wrong by everyone.
Was the teacher ok to take something and put it in her desk that was being annoying in class?  Yes.  Just like if a student's cell phone rings these days, i'm ok with the teacher taking it for the time.
Not calling the police about it...

Comment Re:Views of the World (Score 2) 81

Too many people think everyone sees the world as they do. This won't get the politicians to do anything about mass surveillance. What it'll do is push them more towards making hosting your own network illegal. Anything not coming from an approved ISP is untrusted and thus for the safety of all should be banned.

It gives more teeth to hotels and other companies that say they need to actively block and ban unknown networks.

Old saying, "never try to embarrass the people that make laws. They'll just make you illegal" (also applies to never make the people with guns look stupid)

Comment Seems to be a lot more to this story (Score 1) 441

1. With HIPPA etc, CAN they release medical information about someone that has not been convicted (I don't even think they can release medical information once convicted?) of a crime?

2. When he says "known to law enforcement" does that mean literally known only to them? or does that mean, LE and the immediate family?

3. These books were written a while ago. There was mention I thought in one of the news stories of a recent memo, now I can't find that.

4. If he is in a location known to LE and unable to travel, why are they circulating his photo to neighboring jurisdictions?

5. A K9 sweep of the school is actually pretty normal. They did those even way back when I was in high school and middle school. Even let me find out that the previous owner of the truck I just bought my junior year must have been a stoner as the dogs went nuts.

6. If this really was a case of LE going jack booted thugs, locking someone away, forcing meds, and destroying his career because of published fiction works? Well..... I feel bad for us as tax payers because this one is going to hurt. I can only hope that there is direct penalties to the DA, judge and Sheriff that approved this

Comment which bench is it? (Score 1) 119

So which bench is it?
The one picture clearly has a giant solar panel lump, and plug, taking up a seat on the bench.
The other picture is just a bench, with a square underneath it?
Why wouldn't they have put a roof height solar panel? The big goofy thing on the bench is just asking to be used for a soda and food to get spilled on..
AS well as takes away from it being a bench..
Once it's had a few lunches and soda's spilled on it, I doubt the panel will be very efficient...

Comment sounds like it really was sheer incompetence.... (Score 2) 92

I mean, if you lost 64,564 bitcoins from a known and easy to research flaw....

then I'm VERY sure that you had a LOT of other security flaws unpatched on your servers.

I know that even on my home servers I try and do "enough" diligence to ensure all know flaws are patched.. And on work related boxes, we ALL verify constantly all known vectors are closed...
The fact that they found 10% of the "lost" coins with publicly available information and widely known bugs, lets me know that there are SURE to be a LOT more hidden flaws bleeding bitcoins like crazy...

  (and I'm sure some employees stole some coins to buy private islands)

Comment rebuttal misses some points... (Score 5, Insightful) 551

The rebuttal loses me with this line:
"Nuclear power plants (large or small) and renewables are not compatible technologies. A distributed grid design with high penetrations of variable renewables requires flexible technologies for balancing the system. Both nuclear and coal plants are inflexible. "
Maybe they don't get what people mean by "flexible" in regards to the grid?
When people say coal and nuclear are flexible, they don't mean you can move the plant, or install and remove plants at will. What they mean is that the energy production can ramp up quickly when 15,000 people all get home from work and cut their AC on at the same moment...
yes renewable sources are improving how they can scale and ramp up.

Nukes are already there. I'm also annoyed at how articles claim normal tax items (vehicle fleet depreciation, etc) as subsidies for one industry, but then say industry X doesn't get subsidies. EVERYONE gets some form of tax breaks when you fill out your taxes. If you don't claim them, well, then that's on you.

The original article is right. We SHOULD push for more nukes as well as more renewable sources. Getting off of coal / diesel should be the first priority. Eventually if we can wean from nuclear? cool...

Comment Re:Time to overhaul the Credit Card system in the (Score 3, Interesting) 151

No, you missed the latest fun with target...

They lied..
The cards stolen weren't by someone intercepting CC numbers when used, They kept EVERYTHING in a linked database that was stolen. Name, address, phone number, multiple CC numbers etc. (they haven't said a db, but they said a source containing historic information. Maybe it was a flat file, but I'd hope not)
The fact they lied repeatedly and that they kept this info makes it a LOT worse than the Sony breach in my mind.

They should be very liable.

Comment missing it (Score 4, Insightful) 310

I think they are missing the main reason that router sold so well..

At least the reason I bought them, and recommended them for others....
It was a moderate priced option, that I KNEW would work for people. The fact that it had all the hackable benefits was gravy for me to have my own versions.
I didn't trust a lot of the other low end units to not constantly have problems. I could also talk someone into spending 50-75$ instead of 40$.
There is no way I could get someone to spend 300$ instead of 20-50$ now days..

Comment Dear Google... (Score 1) 225

IF EVER office productivity needed a kick...
Why is the google doodle today NOT a playable version of Doom?
Make note. For the 21st bday, it should be a link to local liquor stores and a playable version... You have one year to get on that...


Everyone that does not feel like working today...

Comment Dear focus group THANK YOU (Score 1) 1

" to a cartridge designed to release smells"


WTF "realistic" smell would EVER come from a game I'd want to play? For every "stroll through the garden" in fable (Oh wait, Fable is "mid evil" times, so open sewage, scratch that) there are mainly sports games, yea, no thanks to the sweaty locker room, killing "everything" yea, i'm SURE the Covenant's entrails smell great after I blow them open. Forza? While I love the smell of race fuel, I'm VERY certain my wife/kid would murder me if the whole house smelled of race fuel and gear oil... (Race fuel spills do cover the smell of differential gear oil I've found)

So thank you for making sure my video games don't smell... (Now if it was a deodorant cartridge, that might have been a better idea...)

Comment people lied on this survey. (Score 2) 365


Try riding a motorcycle through a city, or along a highway. That's when you tend to not be on a phone. (I've definitely used hands free, and texted from stop lights or pulled over on the bike) That's the ONLY people that are on our roads that I'd put better than 50% on not being on their phone. Either blatantly, both hands texting away, or talking on it, or just holding it for easy access.

There is NO WAY that only 1 in 4 people are using their phones on a daily commute. I'd say 3 out of 4 or even 4 out of 5 use their phone daily during their commute.

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