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Comment Re:A robot with a human-like face is a lie (Score 4, Insightful) 216

A robot should not closely imitate a human face , because that is too difficult. Yet it can be friendly looking and it helps to trust it in the start. But finally our trust will be based on our experiences with the robot. If we see it does the job reliably, we will trust it. Just as with people. Or a coffee maker.

Comment Even better idea (Score 1) 725

"With computer programs and mathematical formulas" I found an idea of thirteen months, each four weeks = 28 days. Thus every MONTH would be like the previous, would begin with monday etc. One thing more: we add one day to celebrate year change (or what ever) and that day is part of no week or month. 13*28+1 = 365. Since we cannot change world rotation, we must yet add one day on leap years.

Comment Re: i dont see how its any easier (Score 1) 990

Either way, you have to know where you are to determine when stuff happens.


And if you can't figure out UTC +/- then you have other issues.

Equals to "can't figure time" ?

The work day is "not 9 to 5" in all countries. In here its 8 to 4.

It would make it much easier to calculate the flight duration reading the time table.
It would be easy to check whether that shop located on the other coast is open or not. Just see their add and glimpse your watch.
Without DST it would be easy to check whether the guys are at work on our far-away-office.

Comment Amen ! (Score 1) 990

Totally agree. Get also rid of the "Daylight Saving Time". Noon would still be when sun at highest, but that would happen at different time depending of the location. Isn't that natural ?! Actually the sun is not at it's highest at 12.00 even in the current system, except when: 1) not using DST and 2) on correct latitude of the time zone. On the other side of your time zone the sun could be at highest just after 11.00 or before 13.00. And the stupid DST adds another hour mistake.

Comment Previous Universe ? (Score 1) 188

The article is assuming that an universe existed before Big Bang. If that was the case it would be feasible to guess that the bang happened BEFORE every little mass (or massless) particle dropped into the black hole to explode. There is a reason to cause the big bang to happen (maybe a critical mass ?) and if I were to explode as the big bang I couldn't wait for every little particle, would You ?

I have understood that big bang theories assume that before that there was no space or time. So no universe before that. We'll never know.

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