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Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 2) 175

Most folks overlook Blockbusters' biggest problem....they were a franchise operation. They could not change their business model without agreement of the many franchise owners, which made them immobile. Plus, anything that might be seen as competing with the franchises would be a conflict of interest. In some respects they were a victim of their own successful franchise model. People think the company leaders had no vision or interest, not necessarily so, they just could not figure a way to evolve and keep franchisees happy. Cutting them in on a regional basis would entail a lot of complications and overhead as well.

Comment Re:Netflix lacks courage to take on networks (Score 1) 175

Netflix lacks courage to take on networks and finally get rid of regional locking content bundling. Whatever you think about Jobs, he did one big 'public good' when he took on record label industry. The same needs to happen to content networks.

You are taking a myopic view of the situation. Being courageous in the manner you suggest can also be stupid. As NF grows and builds their original content library, which they don't regionally restrict, they build leverage against content owner restrictions. It will take time, forcing it now would be a setback and would be a gift to competitors.

Comment Re:Still original content (Score 3, Interesting) 175

So I think their play is what they are already doing - pour money into original programming, build their own back catalog so they aren't at the mercy of greedy content providers, and keep providing great customer service.

I agree. They are evolving in the direction the market is driving them. As they mature big shifts are less likely. The question is how can they build on top of the existing infrastructure? Can they move into live broadcasting of sports?

As for original content, I think they may have opportunities in sponsoring and recording concerts in high quality, and/or shorter live music performances. Building up a library of those might have a lot of value.

Comment Re:Complete overreaction, TSA style (Score 1) 160

And if the pilots are looking out the window they should see it in any case, so a collision is very unlikely in the first place.

Are you joking? A drone is often small and quite hard to see, and unless you know which way it is going to fly, not easy to avoid. Not to mention a firefighting pilot may have other things to keep their attention.

What is it about this drone-love that causes some to not even acknowledge that they can be an interference? And why assume all drones are tiny and can't cause damage?

Comment Re:Auto industry != tech industry (Score 2) 132

People in tech tend to assume every market works like tech and it doesn't. The auto industry could not be more different. While I think there is a ton of room for innovation (Tesla is proving that) it isn't going to be easy to turn that industry on its head by just building another type of car.

Tesla has not yet shown that they can make money in the car market despite having a dominant position in the high end EV market. They are still pumping huge amounts of cash into the operation. I don't see how Apple can do any better, and they have a lot more at risk. Producing an affordable mass market vehicle and keeping it sustainable with constant model revisions is a daunting task vs the big car companies that certainly will figure out how to make money in that space.

Comment Re: The fix is in (Score 5, Funny) 266

Bernie supporters got swindled out of 220+ million dollars to see Bernie be a shill for Hillary.

So if someone named Bernie "made off" with your money, should you be A. mad at Bernie, B. mad at yourself for letting yourself getting swindled, C. mad at the system, OR D. all of the above Just curious...

or E. mad at the Russians (This choice was paid for by the Clinton Campaign)

Comment Re:Interesting sleep arrangement (Score 0) 96

Can someone enlighten me as to approximately when the expression "begs the question" started to mean "raises the question", instead of the informal fallacy of assuming that an unproven premise is true as part of a conclusion?

You "raise" a question AFTER the situation "begs" it. If you raise it too soon, it won't be begged. If you wait till it is begged, then its obvious. That in why begged questions are inherently obvious.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 5, Insightful) 524

Micro USB jacks wear out even more quickly. I wonder what the new connectors will be like. Everything is getting shittier.

And increasing their usage will decrease their lifetime.

I like my headphone jack near the top of the phone, not at the bottom where the usb port typically is. I also may want to listen while I am charging. I also don't like the extra bulk of BT headphones, nor the cost for what is often crappy audio quality.

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