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Comment Re:Yes but (Score 1) 726

For starters, they have an engineer in training exam, which is a step toward registering. Second, you can do what qualifies as engineering tasks without calling yourself an engineer. Third, one can show experience from out of state.

This is just common practice in many states. These laws have been in place and actively exercised for years. So, no, it is not likely at all you found something that was overlooked. There is absolutely nothing unique about this case that would make it different than the many that have come before.

Comment Re:Yes but (Score 1) 726

In this case, a poorly written description is calling yourself as an engineer in a state where you are not allowed to do that in that manner. A better description would be to say one held a degree in engineering, or some other compliant statement. Engineers should be good at writing compliant statements.

The wording does not prevent anyone from doing anything DIY. But you can't publicly claim you are an engineer while doing it. If you do, and someone reports you, you will get fined. Engineers carry special responsibilities to the safety of the public. The average person doesn't distinguish between a 'professional engineer' and an 'engineer' by claim.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 284

"That is one of the many things we don't know about this case."

yah too bad there's no way to know, other than maybe, reading the article?

From TFA: "About a month before his suicide, Joseph Thomas disclosed his work stress in a Facebook chat to a close friend of more than a decade, Neil Mirchandani.

“Man words can’t really describe. I’m not dead but I wouldn’t describe myself as ok,” Thomas wrote, according to screenshots of the chat provided by Mirchandani.

“The sad thing is this place (Uber) has broken me to the point where I don’t have the strength to look for another job,” Thomas wrote."

OK , so by that you think you know everything you need to pass judgement. How wonderful it must be to be able to ignore so much.

Comment Re:Dead but no lost but maybe (Score 1) 82

Cloud storage is their backup.

No, it was their backup. When it went away they should have created another one.

The problem of course, is that cloud storage was touted as a backup. So if you have to have a local backup, it kind of makes the cloud storage backup redundant and pointless.

Some people have multiple backups in different locations. That redundancy is not pointless.

Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 1) 726

Did his claims have merit? If so, do they constitute an indirect criticism of the quality of the board's licencing process ?

Seriously? It doesn't matter if his claims have merit or not, the law applies equally either way. It says nothing about the board's licensing process, because this person never participated in it. Please apply some common sense.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 2) 284

Because a better job just presents itself whenever you want it?

Was he even looking for another job? That is one of the many things we don't know about this case. We certainly don't have enough information to make any kind of judgements about him or his choices other than he was troubled enough to take his own life.

Regardless of this case, its not good to get yourself into a situation where you are making that kind of money and not providing yourself an escape fund. That said, high cost of living in the area makes it harder to do so.

Living within your means allows you more choices.

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