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Comment Re: The fix is in (Score 2) 196

Bernie supporters got swindled out of 220+ million dollars to see Bernie be a shill for Hillary.

So if someone named Bernie "made off" with your money, should you be A. mad at Bernie, B. mad at yourself for letting yourself getting swindled, C. mad at the system, OR D. all of the above Just curious...

or E. mad at the Russians (This choice was paid for by the Clinton Campaign)

Comment Re:Interesting sleep arrangement (Score 0) 79

Can someone enlighten me as to approximately when the expression "begs the question" started to mean "raises the question", instead of the informal fallacy of assuming that an unproven premise is true as part of a conclusion?

You "raise" a question AFTER the situation "begs" it. If you raise it too soon, it won't be begged. If you wait till it is begged, then its obvious. That in why begged questions are inherently obvious.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 5, Insightful) 511

Micro USB jacks wear out even more quickly. I wonder what the new connectors will be like. Everything is getting shittier.

And increasing their usage will decrease their lifetime.

I like my headphone jack near the top of the phone, not at the bottom where the usb port typically is. I also may want to listen while I am charging. I also don't like the extra bulk of BT headphones, nor the cost for what is often crappy audio quality.

Comment Re:Questionable (Score 3, Insightful) 126

FTA; Neglect of duty is described as "inattention to duty resulting in a loss of property or life; careless inspection; negligent performance of duties; failure to exercise due diligence in performance of duties; failure to follow procedures."

When you have a lot of strict procedures, and you have tight monitoring, you get a lot of violations.

Comment Re:Wrong Headline (Score 1) 219

Many cars now have this automatic braking feature, I'm sure there have been incidences with other cars that don't get the PR. Auto-Pilot was turned off according to the summary, so yes the headline is quite wrong. And you are right, the car got into a bad situation that may have been avoidable. It seems that inattention of the driver was again at fault.

Comment Re:EPA MPG != CAGE MPG (Score 1) 136

Neither are supposed to measure real-world mileage.

A useful test needs to be standardized, and doing so while accounting for 'real world' conditions becomes difficult and even more expensive than the existing system. The best you can hope for is that they have some relative correlation with fuel efficiency from car to car. Its easy to criticize and point out flaws in the existing approach, but try proposing a test that is repeatable, standardized, and reflects real world conditions. And make sure you are very specific about exactly what you will measure, when you will measure it, and how you will measure it. That must all take into account differing vehicle sizes and weights, etc. And once you've done that, make sure that there are not easy ways to cheat or bias the results.

Comment Re:50% is nothing without a confidence interval (Score 2, Interesting) 140

on top of that, it appears they included incidents from sites that weren't even nuclear power plants, like cold war waste sites. But, alas, the anti-nukes care little about facts and credibility. Here once again is proof that they can't carry on a good argument without twisting the truth till it is unrecognizable.

Comment Re:50% is nothing without a confidence interval (Score 1, Insightful) 140

Without a reliable data source, the confidence in that number is highly suspect.

That is an understatement. They intentionally decided to ignore all the officially recorded data and come up with their own list of what they think was an accident, and they used things like newspaper articles and anti-nuke sites to create their base list of data. These so called 'experts' don't actually appear to have any background in nuclear power generation or knowledge of nuclear plant safety analysis. I guess anyone can be an expert these days.

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