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Comment Re: Nothing is stopping women (Score 1) 373

>sites that specialize in this type of clickbait dying

Buzzfeed, bordepanda and gawker are still alive. Panem et circenses. I have been pondering to leave this site once and for all, but to be honest, I have 3 tech sites that i still frequent that didn't go to shit, this one included (the other one beeing Anandtech and Androidpolice, which I both highly recommend if one is interested in their topics). That's not a lot.

Comment Re: Austraila (Score 1) 166

Which is why we saw an armed uprising against the government when it was revealed by a whistleblower that it's actively spying on its populace on basically all fronts with no oversight...

Wait, no, that didn't happen. Nobody gave a shit, and some of the populace was even defending this shit. Right. You keep your guns. It's a token showing how useless it is against a weak and complacent mind.

Comment Re:c'mon (Score 1) 306

Well, they deman equality of *results*, sometimes even superiority in many other fields - high paying jobs, political power, legislation benefits. So hell, why not equalize suicide rates? Hell, I'm pretty sure the high male suicide rate is either a social construct or a sign of "The Patriarchy" to them anyway.

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