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Comment Talkorigins hacked by porn spammers (Score 4, Informative) 575

The site is not the only site to have been de-indexed by Google.

This is a google cache of showing the porn spam links.

However, I checked on and it is *not* a porn site.

From's about page:

XML provides an open and flexible language for the creation, management and exchange of electronic content. Founded in 2000, deepX has an experienced team of consultants and developers, who specialise in the design and development of solutions using XML and the emerging technologies related to XML.

Also, another link shows and it is *not* a porn site, either:

Here's how THEOI used to look via the Wayback machine. has been banned by Google (no reason given) and forced to close down as a result. There are no plans to re-establish this site in the future. is Valley View University is a Seventh Day Adventist college in Ghana.

Both and redirect to porn sites.

Unsurprisingly,, and have been de-indexed by google.

I speculate that all these sites that have been de-indexed were tagged by automated processes.

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