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Comment Re:Don't take yours in. (Score 1) 411

There's not "fix" - it's not an inherent flaw, it's in the design.

The modern diesel engines drip feed a small amount of oil into the fuel. The manufacturers translate this into a max oil use expected (presumably based on a large number of short journeys). In reality it's much lower - my Audi A5 goes from Max to half way to Min in the 20,000 miles between services. About 1/2 UK pint.

My Honda Civic diesel used 1 pint in the same time. Both are well below the manufacturers tolerance.

Comment Re: Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1) 456

I disagree with your interpretation of the advert. It's not that Apple were saying they don't make a PC, it's that there are PCs and there are Macs.

A bit like saying do you want a phone or an iPhone, do you want a fizzy drink or a Coke.

It's demonstrating their brand as above the average.

Comment Re:Cosmic background radiation (Score 2, Informative) 114

You've misunderstood the difference between doubting a theory and doubting an observable. Walking off a cliff would be stupid, it it clearly observed that things fall. On the other hand doubting that the reason is due to the attraction of masses, perhaps in favour of some alternative source of the force, does not lead to such stupid mistakes.

The original poster did not contradict the evidence for the big bang, rather the explanation.

Comment Google vs Adobe (Score 1) 218

On one hand Google is a friend of Adobe - mutual hatred of Apple and using Flash for You Tube, bundling Adobe Flash Player in Chrome.

On the other hand Google is a strong proponent of HTML5 + VP8, which would replace Flash in some situations.

Google seems to be the master of sitting on the fence. I mean they back the biggest competitor to the iPhone (Android) and yet remain #1 search engine on the iPhone/pad/pod.


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