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Comment Yeah? Wel I can Tell if a Doritos Bag is Drunk... (Score 2) 75

Fuck you,.. you little..fucking... snack bag thing.

You think you're so hot? I don't need you. I don't need you at all.

Hmmm...just a little bit of your savory contents...ummmm.

  Who are you to judge me? Why don't you contemplate your own short, judgemental existence. At least I'm not going to wind up in a garbage bin...

Not if I can just navigate my legs around that one there....

(...crash, bang...)

fuck. don't look at me like that,

Comment Re:US degraded from full democracy in 2016 ?!?! (Score 4, Insightful) 277

According to the report they degraded the USA from "full democracy" to "flawed democracy" in 2016

Well then, they're morons because the USA has never been a 'full democracy'. Once everything shook out after the revolution, the USA was a democratic republic.

Institutions like the Electoral College were meant to be a check against the stupidity of the masses that might elect a Trump. But idiots clamored for more power by virtue of their numbers. So state governments neutered their own congressional delegations by requiring that they vote for the popular choice.

The result? Trump. And people clamoring for more democracy.

Comment Re:by putting back doors in (Score 1) 98

There are two fatal flaws in your reasoning:
1. You assume that "the police" and "the criminals" are disjoint sets.

He does no such thing. He is suggesting that, say, Apple would hold a key and would only unlock a device in response to the concurrence of two separate branches of government. In this case the executive and judicial.

2. You assume that innocent people have nothing to hide, and nothing to fear from the police.

He made no such assumption.

Comment Re:who else? (Score 0) 185

Yeah, if he was spilling his guts to Russia, you could hardly blame the guy since they are keeping him alive. If the US had any vestigial brains left they would give Snowden a pardon, even if only to shut him up.

No, I could and would definitely blame the guy. It wasn't an accident that he would up in that position. It took quite a bit of effort on his part.

In the end he'll probably be traded back to the U.S. for some trivial concession.

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