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Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

You're absolutely right. Fuel cells are just an alternative (or more likely an augmentation) to batteries.

Batteries are efficient in terms of storing electricity, but are very heavy to lug around even when almost 'empty'. They also take a relatively long time to take on a full charge.

Fuel cells solve both of these problems, but are currently more expensive to fill. Cost to manufacture is in flux for both.

Don't be fooled by overall efficiency arguments. It's only about cost and convenience. Both of these technologies are just beginning to challenge internal combustion engines - which are notoriously inefficient, but cheap and convenient to run.

Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

I see this being mentioned over and over again - Hydrogen is nearly impossible to contain. Yet Germany managed to do it in f'ing dirigibles in the 1930's. Yes, it ended with the Hindenburg disaster, but they had made several transatlantic flights, containing the hydrogen with 1930's technology balloons, before one ruptured for reasons still argued about. But you know what? Most of the people aboard the Hindenburg survived.

Today, hydrogen is shipped all over the world. The hydrogen tanks in the Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai FCVs are not science fiction. They're in production.

Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

Tesla promised this. A 90 second swap. I believe it was actually demonstrated on a stage. But AFAIK, there is only one Tesla battery swap location, it operates on an appointment-only basis and charges $50/swap. Plus, you're potentially swapping your brand new battery for someone else's 5 year old battery. I think you're supposed to come back for your own battery at some point.

The idea of shipping 1,000lb batteries around the network is pretty silly.

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