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Comment Re:Dominican Republic, Iran and Thailand stats (Score 1) 322

Try taking a scheduled minibus through the countryside. Or, actually don't try it. I've been on a couple and I've never been as scared for my life. They seemed to think the middle lane divider is a marker for where to drive... any oncoming traffic you just flash the lights to make them move out of the way.

Comment Re:Because its fun (Score 1) 793

This is interesting... wanted to mod it but no points, so guess I have to reply.

I also find C fun to code, and good for many tasks, including string handling which some seem to use as argument to not use it. I'm trying to learn C++ now but it's quite complicated. C is a much simpler language, and you usually spend less time thinking about how to solve the problem than actually writing the code. Maybe if I code enough C++ it'll be the same, but that feels like far far of right now.

Not that it's a bad idea to design first and write later. It's just not as fun, like you mentioned.

Comment Re:Three things... (Score 1) 244

It's been on slashdot before, probably for other states, can't really remember. Frankly, as a European (Sweden to be exact), I'm still surprised you don't have taxes on internet purchases. Any online US retailer exporting to EU does have to add VAT to those transactions (which are then sent off the to EU state).

Comment Re:Execution (Score 1) 432

Well, I didn't check, but if BusyBox is using GPL 3 then it requires that Sony provides the tools or at least instructions to let you install the software on the device along with the source itself. That's the whole tivoization thing and might be what they're trying to avoid.

Comment Re:Good news. (Score 2) 155

As long as the leave strace in place. Apple replaced ktrace with dtrace and I've been hating it ever since.
It's not that dtrace is bad, it's just that they have different purposes, and dtruss has several problems ktrace/strace does not:

  • It's asynchronous. Meaning it won't output write(1, "foo\n", 4); next to the actual output of foo.
  • Sometimes stuff gets out of order, not sure why.
  • It'll only output pointer addresses, e.g. bind(3, 0x12345678, ...) instead of bind(3, {, 8080}, ...)

Ok, rant over.

Comment Re:Screws are evil (Score 1) 330

That's not different from moving a VM from one host to another, the router needs to change its ARP table in that case as well. There's no reason the IP couldn't be app bound instead of machine bound, if you're willing to assign one IP per app (IPv6 would help). But we're lacking the tools to migrate an IP from one host to another, including the TCP sessions. That's a software problem though, and could be implemented if there's demand for it.

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