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Comment I miss not being spied on (Score 1) 313

My new smart phone tries to phone home to Facebook (which I don't use from my smart phone to conserve the battery), Instagram (which I also don't use), my cell carrier, Amazon, Samsung, and whole host of others. I'm tired of having to kill stuff, root my phone to disable it, and just generally not be able to uninstall the crap-tastic carrier force-fed apps. Now, thanks to something called Digital Turbine, carriers can now force your phone to download and install apps. Oh yea, and it eats into YOUR data cap when they do it. Some carriers will allow you to remove the apps but others don't. It'a all enough to make you want to go back to a flip phone......

Comment Talk About Bogus Patent Claims (Score 5, Insightful) 300

Everything that Apple sued over is prior art. Seriously.... 100% of it. I don't understand why Samsung's legal team didn't just go camp at the USPTO with their prior art and get those patents revoked. No patent = no law suit. What a bunch of screw ups. And Apple is infringing everyone from HTC to Mitsubishi to Nokia to IBM with their "patents". Feel free to pile on and offer up your own examples of prior art....

Comment Re:Sick of hearing about Apple vs. Samsung (Score 5, Interesting) 300

Is anyone else sick of hearing about Apple vs. Samsung?

Unless you want the only mobile device you can ever buy to be Apple, I'd suggest that you take a bit more interest in it. Because if things keep going the way they are, there will be NO other choice in cell phone or tablet. You will either pay Apple's premium price for 2nd rate hardware and 5th rate support or you will do without.

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