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Comment Re:Whatcha got to hide? (Score 1) 217

Wow, two really great arguments... One in this post, and one in the reply below it. "If you're not guilty, then you have nothing to fear..." Hate to break this to you, big guy, but innocent people DO get falsely accused of things, and (I know this is difficult to believe)... SOME LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL ARE NOT VERY SCRUPULOUS!!! They plant things, lie, falsify evidence... These are not the ravings of a militia-joining, separatist freak but a normal person who is genuinely scared of the power that the government has. And while we may be inevitably headed in this direction, I don't have to go quietly... Whenever I hear such an asinine argument I am compelled to respond. "But the police are our friends..." B.S.!!! As for the other argument, "America, it's a democracy, so love it or leave it"; this is equally ridiculous. This society was founded with the goal of keeping the inevitable tyranny of government in check. Unfortunately we are convinced to give up our liberties one by one "in the interests of (choose one: the greater good, national security, public safety, etc.) Don't buy it!!!

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