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Submission + - Geeks, and Chasing the Comet's Tail

Morgaine writes: It's a classic Slashdot meme that geeks never get any. Well there's nothing like personal angst to fuel a good song, so why not put that bitter realization to music?

Soft Hearted Scientists seem to have done just that, in a cute but painful dittie "[I Could Never Hope To Catch] That Comet's Tail". I'm sure it's been done before, but given the bands' name I couldn't resist submitting this as appropriate for Slashdot, and it's a free download anyway.

Come on geeks and nerds, let's have more links to geeks-in-music posted here, and write your own personal anthems too! You might not be destined for Number 1, but at least it might be good therapy. :P

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