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User Journal

Journal Journal: Offtopic points.

Ok this ticks me off and I think this should be fixed in the moderation system. Someone can ask a question that is offtopic and get modded down as Offtopic and then people will reply to this person and +5 Interesting. If the parent is offtopic, guess the fuck what, the reply is too.

Either make a system that automaticly nullifies the offtopic moderation point or one that does not allow +5 Interesting or whatever to be given to the reply.
User Journal

Journal Journal: No more funnies

Yay, I finally made all funny comments get -3 points (on my side) so I don't have to see those damn "Funny, 5" posts all over the place.

I just don't see how someone saying "which is better, emacs or vi? ;)" is worth 5 points and worth breaking the index mode.

Oh well.

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