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Journal Journal: Eh... taxes

Happy day, I got my refund. Yeah, I know it is stupid to give the fed an interest free loan all year...

I was really pissed with the online services I've used in the past, they did not seem worth the hassle (or money). Granted I have one W-2 and don't itemize, but I always thought the e-file would get my return back the fastest. This was the latest I've ever filed (04/10); a procrastination due mainly to my being pissed I could not e-file my federal return. This leads e back to being pissed at the stupid online company I used last year. Not until after I filed did they tell me that I still had to sign some receipt and mail it in as well... which I never did. So I was ineligible to e-file this year (I've since sent the damn thing in)

At any rate, I was anticipating a long delay for my federal return; I e-filed my state and expected a short turn around with direct deposit. My snail mailed federal return arrived only six days after the state!

I seriously doubt I will ever shell out those stupid fees for a service that is actually much more annoying (for me) than filling out the 1040-EZ. I find this particularly amusing with todays Slashdot headline of Turbo Tax online service melting down on tax day.

Well, that's my rant. If you found it boring, why the hell did you read it?

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Journal Journal: Unbelievable 2

If anyone ever reads this, I have a feeling they will think me a liar. Either that or I do not really qualify to be on here.

Not only do I have a girlfriend, I just found out she reads bash.org. Not sure if life can get any better...

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Journal Journal: The first post

Just because I can. Let's all hope I find a beter reason to post here in the future.

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