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Comment That's what we think (Score 1) 122

According to Adams:

Mice are merely the protrusion into our dimension of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who, unbeknownst to the human race, are the most intelligent species on the planet Earth. They spent a lot of their time in laboratories running complex experiments on humans.


Submission + - China dismisses cyberwarfare charges by U.S. ( 3

Tootech writes: China says there's no truth to US claims that it (China) is developing cyberwarfare capabilities.

The US military is attempting to blacken China, says state news agency Xinhua.

In fact, America was the top country of cyber attack origin in 2008, accounting for 25 percent of worldwide activity says the story, citing US security firm Symantec as the source.

The US purpose (of releasing such a report) is to tarnish China's image and exaggerate the threat China poses, the story has Hu Qiheng, president of the Internet Society of China (ISC), saying.
The ISC said more than 1 million Internet Protocol addresses in China were controlled by overseas hackers while 42,000 Chinese websites were tampered or hacked in 2009, says the story, adding:

Ni Feng, deputy director of the Institute of American Studies with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the United States has greatly outstripped any other country in terms of Internet technological power.


Submission + - The Moon is Shrinking, Like a Wrinkled Apple (

astroengine writes: "New observations by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) have uncovered a number of previously unknown, recently formed lobate scarps over the lunar surface. These scarps form along thrust faults where compression forces the moon's crust to rise. Up until now it was thought these lobate scarps only occurred around the lunar equator, but the high resolution LRO imagery suggests they are ubiquitous, regardless of latitude. As the moon is geologically inactive, what could be creating these features? It would appear the moon's surface is acting like the skin of an apple surrounding the shrinking, dehydrated flesh of the fruit; the lunar crust (skin) is wrinkling as the body of the moon (the flesh) shrinks due to cooling contraction inside the moon's core. What's more, this phenomenon has been observed before on a totally different celestial body."

In Australia, XP Cheaper Than Linux On Eee 900 319

KrispyDollars writes "It sounds crazy to say this, but the XP-based version of the Eee PC 900 (the new version with the 8.9" screen) will actually be considerably cheaper than the Linux-based version. At the official launch today, the company told journalists that 'Microsoft has been a longstanding supporter of Asus' to explain the price discrepancy. And — get this — only the XP-based machine will be sold at mass-market retailers, while the Linux-based model will be consigned to computer stores."

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