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Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 329

I haven't seen a project with proper requirements ever since I left the waterfall world of plodding corporate I.T. and joined the unicorn land of Digital Interactive.

I'd love to see this thing up against my clients, who give requirements like "It just doesn't pop for me, can we make it more awesome?" or "How much to make a more useful KPI screen?" or the ever popular "I want a website/mobile app/ecomm platform that looks just like this one, but has our branding"

Comment Re:Clickbaiting (Score 1) 408

Yep, and one only has to look at the poster - msmash - who's every submission is immediately posted. And every submission furthers the leftist agenda.

As an experiment, right after Trump got elected for a week I submitted stories from newspapers, etc. that leaned to the right, and big surprise they were all rejected. It's very sad because I used to spend a lot of time here talking to smart people about tech.

Comment Marketing 101 (Score 1) 129

From someone who is in the business.

CPI payout is so absurdly low you'll starve trying to make money on it. CPC pays depending on a wide number of factors.

Marketing is less and less about "brand awareness" and more and more about Cost per Acquisition and Cost per Conversion. This is probably what the original poster was thinking about. The idea that you track the content a person views is very much last decade, when everyone was going about saying things like "Content is King" and we needed to track people's "Content Journeys". The idea was that you could trigger actions (email sends, different ads, etc.) based on people's consumption of content - Amazon was and is the king of this. But for all the hoopla and money spent it really didn't increase conversion that much.

The idea that you can micro-target people - particularly geo targeting - is the hot buzz at the moment. The next revolution will probably be beacons on Bluetooth that micro target your mobile device within a few hundred yards. There's also the idea that you can be micro targeted based on ALL your digital interactions, but nobody has perfected this quite yet as it requires that your input (the things you write) is analyzed.

For products where the marketing funnel begins and ends with search, traditional marketing is completely dead.

And for those of you who think you're smarter than "marketers" I urge you to join the profession, you'd be quite surprised at what a science it actually is.

Comment Must be doing something right (Score 1) 163

I run a virtual company, which has been in business for just over six years. We're literally scattered about the planet - Texas, Illinois, Detroit, Poland, Ukraine, the UK. We're very successful, very green, and extremely productive.

All our systems are cloud based, we use multiple communications tools (Skype, Uber Conference, Google Hangouts, Goto Meeting, etc.) .

The way you make this work is by hiring "A" players who are passionate about the work, and are quick to fire whiney complainers who carry a sense of entitlement.

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 209

Huh? The frequency has nothing to do with the bandwidth - the bandwidth is a function of the emission type. Double carrier AM is 4.5 Khz wide. FM, 16 Khz. Doesn't matter if you transmitting on 800 meters or 1 nano meter. Waveguides are used at microwave frequencies, what you are describing is a ground plane. You get directional antennas by using more than one vertical and feeding them at different phasing.

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 209

Current VHF distance records achieved by amateurs:

The amateur 2 meter band, at 144 Mhz, is just above the commercial FM band. Note the distance record - 1,353 miles. Amateurs have a maximum power output of 1500w to a 200' tower where as your normal commercial broadcaster is running 50,000 watts or more to a 1,000 foot tower.

Comment Must be grant money in it (Score 1) 226

Elon Musk's primary talent is fleecing us, the taxpayers. He is the world's largest recipient of government grants, hand outs, and subsidies - more than any human that ever lived on earth.

Shut off your flaming machine. This is the truth, and it's a compliment, it's not that easy to steal that kind of money legally. His closest competitor would be General Electric's Jeffrey Immelt.

But you can be certain that there are government grants to be made in the tunneling business, or this would not be happening.

Submission + - NOAA caught fudging data - again (

MooseMiester writes: Prior to the Paris Climate accords it seems NOAA played fast and loose with surface temperature data — again — in a growing scandal being dubbed ClimateGate2. It was a blatant attempt to influence world leaders.

NOAA’s 2015 ‘Pausebuster’ paper was based on two new temperature sets of data – one containing measurements of temperatures at the planet’s surface on land, the other at the surface of the seas.

Both datasets were flawed. NOAA has now decided that the sea dataset will have to be replaced and substantially revised just 18 months after it was issued, because it used unreliable methods which overstated the speed of warming. The revised data will show both lower temperatures and a slower rate in the recent warming trend. The land temperature dataset used by the study was afflicted by devastating bugs in its software that rendered its findings ‘unstable’.

Comment Re:Microsoft is already great. (Score 1) 437

Respectfully, Sir, you have it all wrong. What you are seeing is a strategy designed to throw the left into a howling, immature, tizzy that eventually tires out the supporters and stems the flow of donations. It's working spectacularly, and it's brilliant.

If you want to defeat the left, it's really simple:

Stop the flow of money from the left's money laundering operation: Federal Workers Union, Teachers Union, Workers Union. First thing he did was meet with Union leaders.

Break up the special interest groups that reliably vote left: Blacks, Hispanics, Women, LGBT. More Blacks voted for Trump than have voted for a Republican in a long time, more women voted...

Third, and MOST IMPORTANT screw up the left's biggest weapon: Emotionally charged righteous indignation. This is what gets people to send money. Every opponent of the left is branded a racist, xenophobic, insane, un-educated, country bumpkin, radical, dangerous for America that MUST BE STOPPED send money today... Well, if you create a new righteously indignant moment EVERY DAY and all the protesting, wailing, and howling Accomplishes Nothing, then the money, it will stop flowing.

It's brilliant,

Comment Re:omg proof reading (Score 1) 212

You just don't get it. When talking Electric Cars the end justifies the means and outright lying is completely acceptable. It's a religion, not a technology.

Anybody that buys AGM or Li-Ion batteries knows that while the density has improved, the price hasn't come down much. And that pesky problem of thermal runaway under conditions of pressure (like what happens when cars crash) has not been solved. Here's one of thousands of examples

Comment Shame on Slash Dot, Again (Score 1) 113

Interesting how they forgot to mention the two lawyers who got busted by putting porn files on TOR, and when the copyright alarm went off shaking down scared surfers at $1,000 a pop, that turned out to be a fraud.... Which was the driving force behind the ISP's getting off the program.

But that wouldn't bring out the intellectual property whiners, we've already seen today's story about how Trump is destroying the galaxy, we've already seen the story about solar energy jobs, and a Windows bashing story, and we need more traffic... Wait, how about another MBP bashing? Nuclear Energy? Surely we can drive more traffic, surely....

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