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Comment The SysAdmins are to blame (Score 1) 181

We run 17 physical 24 virtual servers on the public Internet. We host all kinds of high value attack targets (eCommerce, political, medical, insurance) all kinds of stuff people despise (and really nice stuff too).

We have been the subject of numerous DDOS and DOS attacks. We fended them all off with ease because we run the right fucking tools on our servers

So I don't understand why this is an issue at all for anybody...

Comment Re:Wha?!?! Hilary! lied?!?! In bed with banksters? (Score 1) 756 [] []

One look at the authors of these "analysis" pieces should tell you everything you need to know about them.

Politifact has been shown time and time again to be less than factual about so many things.

You could, of course, make your own judgement about both plans.

Comment Re:It'd be about Clinton 100% (Score 1) 404

"If the superiority of Democrats at emotional propaganda is a statement of fact"

Every morning do what I do. Open the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report side by side and read the top stories. The left leaning rhetoric is way over the top.

Did you watch the VP debate? Kaine was far more emotional and down and dirty than Pence and the DNC supporters loved it.

Throwing dirt is what all politicians do as it's been proven that dirt throwing far outweighs fact throwing when it comes to getting votes. When it comes to the racist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, hayseed, dangerous for America, grandma starving, social security stealing, baby hating, against clean air and water, radical, ignroant, bad for america dirt... that's been the Democratic Party's playbook for as long as I can remember, I was born in '55, and I will tell you it's getting damned boring. You can't make a list that long for the Republicans. All of these terms were applied liberally during the Clinton years, the Bush Years, and the Obama Years.

The Republicans do call Democrats misguided, tax and spend liberals, communists, etc. For the last 15 years the Democrats call the Republicans Nazi's and Fascists, and the Republicans insist that the Nazi's were progressives (they weren't). Both parties at every election claim the other party is going to put you in camps, or steal your guns, or empty your 401k or other such idiocy. We have a new charge this year, that Democrats are crooked, which is laughable as both parties are crooked and the lower you go down the levels of government the more crooked it gets. And it's been that way since the dawn of recorded history most likely.

Giving the Russians a reset button that actually had the word over charge on it was pure idiocy - and it went downhill from there. eta takaya fignya.

Comment Re:It'd be about Clinton 100% (Score 1) 404

The Ukrainian situation started with the failed reset. Russia was emboldened, they started, funded, and executed the same exact strategy they did in Georgia years earlier, using the FSB and the local Bratva to create a fake resistance, created horrific propaganda videos that they ran on state sponsored television (In the run up to the Eastern Ukrainian atrocities in Donestk they had a video where Ukrainians chained a small allegedly Russian child to a stake, stoned the child to death, and then insinuated that they ATE the child. So no, the date of the Crimea invasion happened after Clinton departed but the root cause was the failed reset, the and the policy of appeasement along with no protests being lodged (A diplomatic way of saying "Go ahead")

Clinton and Trump are not equal. One is a lying, corrupt politician from the South who learned her skills in the corrupt back rooms of Arkansas, the other is a lying showman who learned his skills in the east coast construction trade, not exactly a bastion of honest and upfront dealings.

And yes, the Democrats are far better at emotional propaganda, highly charged feigned indignation, throwing gasoline on a fire (e.g. exploiting people's suffering to score political points). They always have been, and probably always will be. It's not a value judgement it's simply a statement of fact. The Republicans are getting better at this, given how Obama whipped them twice in a row...

So I'm sorry to disappoint you but in my opinion both parties suck...

Comment Re:It'd be about Clinton 100% (Score 1) 404

The truth is that a Clinton Presidency would be much better for the Russians than a Trump one. So naturally, the Clintons want you to believe that Trump is cozying up to the Russians, and that they are bad. Which group of idiots was in power when Russia walked into Crimea and setup a repressive government that is as anti-American as you can get outside of the Caliphate? Who was it that sent the poor Ukrainians MRE's when they were fending off the Russians on the Eastern Border? Why are Russian troops currently massed on the Eastern Border of Ukraine? What do you think they are waiting for?

So the Clintons paint this dire picture and use all kinds of innuendo. It's called POLITICS. If you are lying, you accuse your opponent of lying. Both sides do this, the Dems are much better at it...

Comment Re:More absurd finger pointing at "Russia". Please (Score 1) 404

Simple. We refuse to acknowledge terrorism and play nothing to see here. But there has to be an enemy, or people stop paying attention. Russia is the perfect candidate, they are the old enemy from the Cold War that we pretended was ten times our size... when they were 1/10th our size... resulting in trillions of dollars of legal bribes paid.

Of course the real enemy is anyone who convinces you do to stupid shit because of some straw man enemy but if you're that easily duped there's little hope for you anyway, please keep repeating talking points devoid of common sense.

Comment Re:Good. Hopefully destruction of evidence will... (Score 1) 500

What's mind blowing is giving people immunity - and in the deal specifying that they can't testify before Congress - and then filing no charges but keeping the immunity deal intact.

It's not just unusual - it's simply not done. It violates every principle of the constitution and the purpose of immunity. You can't give someone immunity and dictate they have immunity from congressional oversight... And if you give someone immunity and then there is no crime, then they didn't commit a crime either, and the immunity is lifted.

It's not a "conspiracy theory" to understand why this was done. Obama was communicating with Hillary using a pseudonym, all communications made by the President are, by definition secret. If this was every publicly acknowledged in a court of law Hillary would be finished, and Obama's legacy would be destroyed, it would be hard for die hard Democrat ideologues to go against impeachment proceedings. It was done for the good of the country, which sometimes means we all get fucked... In the end the voters will decide in November.

The conspiracy is a willing media who isn't doing their job, but that's old news.

Comment Re:The house always wins (Score 1) 843

Accountants follow the laws on the books for their client's benefit. By your definition all accountants are shady.
The more you make, the greater chance of getting audited. So the richer you are, the more closely you need to follow the laws.
Your comments have broad populist appeal, sure, but they are devoid of common sense.

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