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Comment Not Impressed (Score 1) 81

GoDaddy doesn't have an API to fetch the domains you have in your account - you have to request a report to be run from a batch server - and all you get is the domain name and few tidbits. No A records, no CNAME, no TXT, no MX, nothing actually useful.

If you don't think this is a problem try managing 300+ dedicated tactic URL's that marketing changes every two months. Sure, it's a solvable problem with scripts & bash tools but it wouldn't take them more than a day to give me a CSV download in real time that contained more than just the domain name.

They have an API for their cloud VPS that they didn't write. And now they proudly announce a TXT record auto discovery thingie? Really? It's like putting chrome muffler extensions on a Yugo...

So why is it, dear Slashdot readers, that all domain registrars suck beyond sucking? Their interfaces are klunky and many of them make easy chores more difficult requiring click after click. Go Daddy recently "improved" their interface so it takes two clicks to do what used to take one. Don't even get me started on Network Solutions, they are practically a criminal enterprise...

Comment Re:Bluetooth headsets (Score 1) 761

As one who is on Skype calls five, six hours a day I would LOVE to know what you consider a "decent bluetooth headphone" as I have spent hundreds of dollars buying different ones and having them die within 90 days. I returned one particular brand to Best Buy ten times under warranty and got a new one - and then they stopped carrying them altogether. I now use a Logitech Web Cam/integrated microphone and Creative Studio Speakers which is great except for when I am working early and the house wants to sleep, or I want to have a private call. The Plantronics wired headset - assuming you tie-wrap the cord to the microphone as the cords pull out of the headsets in less than 3 months - is the best unit at some $60 but you look like an idiot wearing it as it's huge, and it's heavy. And it has a cord that gets caught on everything.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 448

Yes but what is the most interesting is to compare Slashdot of 2008 to Slashdot of 2016. In 2008 had any poster dared to question Mr. Nye's comments he would have been flooded with angry emails, ridiculed, called all kinds of horrible names... Those people - the great cuttters and pasters of talking points - now find themselves in the minority, the majority are actually thinking for themselves.
It's why I have posted as AC for the last five years... until today.

Comment Re:And so ... (Score 1) 599

I've been on Windows 10 for quite a while, I don't get ads, and it works just fine for me.
No I am not a MS employee, or even a big fan of MS. I have Apple products, and multiple Linux servers. Windows Server absolutely sucks but I'll take Windows 10 over 7, or 8 any day because:
Windows 8 just plain sucked
Windows 10 has a USABLE start menu with an EXCEPTIONAL way to setup shortcuts to the apps I use all the time.
Windows 10 makes it oh so easy to get to the control panel items you actually use
Windows 10 starts faster and shuts down quicker
Windows 10 plays nice with my Office 365
Windows 10 replicates the task bar on all monitors

I could care less that MS is watching. My company does web dev, so I am a bit of an expert on how your web activities are tracked, if you want privacy get a flip phone, disconnect the internet service, watch OTA HDTV, and use all cash...

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 904

You ignore that much of the cost of many products is marketing because people buy them for emotional egotistical reasons not practical ones. While many males people blather on about how they want to live in a homogenized society and how "efficient" it would all be if we all wore the same clothes every day, all personal items were "commoditized", etc. this fantasy only works in Hollywood movies. You need to ask a woman about this. She can explain it to you.

Comment Re:Kill the entire H1B program (Score 1) 636

While simultaneously supporting policies that...

Saying on thing - loudly, and with great flourish of righteous indignation - and doing the exact opposite - is the definition of the modern progressive. The real illness in society is how many people are so easily duped into believing the nonsense, as history tells us these are people who end up being enslaved.

I fully support the ideals of the progressives, 100%. But the current crop of so called "progressives" are anything but.

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