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Comment Re:The difference is Cost of Living (Score 1) 193

I think the truth is that most people don't actually foresee buying a house any more. I know many professionals in the Valley who still live with their parents because it's cheaper than dumping half their paycheck on an apartment. Most people also end up with several room mates. 100k sounds like a lot until you take out taxes and 2k a month for rent. Plus, if you want to be social, you can't eat out for less than $25 a meal. And those are the cheap places. Other required items are also much more expensive out here. Many professionals sacrifice a LOT to live in the valley. Making 100k doesn't hurt, but all that means is that when your TV breaks, you can buy a new one without having to worry about eating. You are still stuck in renting hell. You are still living month to month, just with a little extra money in pocket.

Comment Re:So why the right hand? (Score 1) 258

Why is there no mention of genetics? It's common knowledge that many people who were naturally Left Handed were forced to switch to be Right Handed back in the day. The whole shared tools is hog-wash. How many tools do you know of that depend on handedness? I can think of only a few, and none that are important: computer mice, modern fencing weapons, golf clubs.


Submission + - Ask SlashDot: Life After Firefox 3.6.x? 2

Mooga writes: I am a hard-core user of Firefox 3.6.x who has chosen to stick with the older, yet supported version of Firefox for many years now. However, 3.6.x will soon hit end of life making my life, and others, much more complicated. 3.6.x has been known for generally being more stable and using less ram then the modern Firefox 10 and even Chrome. The older version of Firefox is already having issues rendering modern websites. What are others who have been holding onto 3.6.x plan on doing?

Comment Lucky Me! (Score 3, Informative) 538

I recently switched to Comcast Business Class to avoid the bandwidth caps since my family and I use Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services quite often. I actually almost switched to U-Verse because they offered a better cable deal and unlimited bandwidth... Guess not any more!

Comment Re:Hey, lady (Score 1) 613

I have a sister with Down Syndrome and I know many people with Autism. This mother is just trying to make a fit. The fact is that she isn't a good mother. She would rather pop her kid in front of video games then find other things he may enjoy and help me befriend people. Don't get me wrong, I love games and I have no problem with kids gaming within reason. But letting your kid play video games so you don't have to deal with it is BAD PARENTING. Also, if this is really the only thing he has to prove for himself, maybe you should help him find another hobby.

Submission + - Firefox exploit targets IRC ( 1

bl8n8r writes: Theoretical postulations lead to a real time exploit of the popular Firefox web browser as unwitting users click up havoc for IRC channels on Freenode. "It's the first time I've actually seen it used in the wild," states acclaimed Web security expert Robert "RSnake" Hansen. The bug apparently causes trouble when users click malicious links. Freenode has more here, (which is *not* a malicious link. No, really it's not. Click, click.. c'mon, you know you want to):

Comment Re:Handy for some, less so for others (Score 1) 145

It really hit and miss. In my case while there are several hits, most of the movies are very very aged. However they do have a wide range of younger content. I know you can watch enough Hannah Montana to want to hang yourself...

I bought the family a Roku box a while back now and it's got the heaviest use from the younger ones.

Also a side note: I hope MS makes netflix FREE. I can pay monthly to get their gold package (which is only needed for those who play nothing but CoD and Halo for hours on end) in order to use netflix. Why spend the money when I can spend $100 and get a Roku box without having to worry about fees?

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