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Comment Kotlin (Score 2) 245

Having used plenty of Java in big-ish teams over the years - and mind you, having never used any other JVM languages beyond simple tutorials or scripts - I can imagine that Scala's learning curve might present a problem. Kotlin, on the other hand (as far as I can tell from my admittedly limited experience) adopts many of the best syntax features of alternatives like Scala and Groovy while keeping things simple enough for pretty much any existing Java developer to use right away. On top of that it does not introduce any new APIs or concepts like actors to get a grip on - as such cross-compatibility with existing Java code is 100% out of the box (this was of course a big factor for the JetBrains folks who are using it to develop the future of their IDE platform). And even though Java 8 is a huge advance in terms of functional programming support, it feels like a more natural fit in Kotlin. Essentially I think Kotlin is something like "Java 2.0", or what Java could be if they were willing to throw backwards compatibility out the window. :) At the same time it's dead simple to learn in its entirety in a short period of time, as opposed to Scala's huge feature set and learning curve. Scala may be the "better" language overall, but Kotlin seems like the more practical choice, especially for teams that have no Scala experience as of yet.

Comment Finally! (Score 1) 222

Finally! This is the way Apple has done it forever and it is sooo much nicer from a user experience perspective. Some may whine about having to accept everything MS wants to push at them, but it's time for them to deal with it and move on. The Windows update process has been essentially broken for the past two decades (>5 hour patch installs on a freshly Windows is *not* acceptable), and it's finally getting fixed. A momentous day.

Comment Re:On Safari for Macs (Score 1) 506

Holy crap, this whole time I thought Safari just didn't have a feature to re-open a tab, and it turns out it does after all!! I feel... disappointed in myself for not knowing this. ;) But really, Apple should get with the program and add the Cmd-Shift-T shortcut to help out folks coming from other browsers. Right now it's not mapped to anything so it's not like it's going to cause a conflict. And also, it's nice to be able to reopen a tab independently of, say, undoing that comment you just typed...

Comment Easy: make it as useful as Windows 8 (Score 1) 391

Windows for ARM was and still is a great idea. But Windows RT as they implemented it was incredibly dumb from the get-go.

MS: "Why don't we offer a 'pure' ARM tablet experience, but throw in the desktop anyway since we can't manage to fulfill our own App Store restrictions with Office. But at the same time, we're too disorganized to come up with an emulation layer for x86 so let's disallow all desktop apps for ARM (except for Office, but screw all other developers)! That should go over great!"

Consumers: "OK, so this machine has great battery life but only runs a fraction of the apps of either Windows 8 or Android tablets? And yet it still includes a misfit desktop mode that's totally useless for anything but Office? WTF???"

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 4, Insightful) 57

By supporting this bundle you are supporting open-source educational software and the project (AbulEdu) that is making the development of this software possible. If you don't feel like these particular programs are worth your money fine, but at least the idea is a noble one. Instead of complaining about the state of things and bragging about how you could do things better, why not try to get involved in one of these projects and actually make a difference that has the potential to benefit students around the world?

Disclaimer: I don't work for the company or have anything to do with this project; I just found out about it via this news item. Just my 2c.

Comment Re:jetzt (Score 1) 297

"I'm participating in lectures about linguistics" and "I participate in lectures about linguistics", without an adverb, both interchangeably mean the same thing in English

Technically maybe, but in real use, just about every native English speaker will understand the first to mean that I'm doing it right now and the second to mean that I do it habitually.

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