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Submission + - Relocation Package Bait and Switch

An anonymous reader writes: I got a R&D job offer with a large company in Philadelphia area last week. It includes a relocation package that they told me was standard for my position.

After I accepted the offer and made plans to terminate my current job, the recruiter handed me off to their relocation department, where I was told that my relocation package is significantly less than what I was promised. The relocation manager tells me that whenever there is conflict between their relocation policy and the offer, their internal relocation policy supersedes.

What I want to know from my fellow Geeks are : 1) Is this type of switch-and-bait common practice in corporate America? 2) If you have gone through this nightmare before, any advice on how to respond to it?

Comment Re:Family Tree Tech support: Wood for the fire.... (Score 1) 860

Slightly offtopic, but since you brought it up... I have a truck. I'm not the only person to have a truck, but i have one, and now my company keeps on asking me to truck stuff around for trade shows, saving costs and having me haul stuff around when I don't really want to be.

It's part of my job to set up stuff for trade shows, but not to actually have to drive the stuff around, having cow-orkers throwing everything and the sun into my truck. What's worse is when they ask me not to unload the stuff during a weekend since they'll just need it again on Monday, expecting me to take everything home, and bring it back after the weekend!

So, any ideas on what I should do? I can't just say "no, i'm not going to work on the show" as that is part of my job, but i don't want to be used as a cheap frieight loader!

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