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New Wave Power Research Rising Off Oregon Coast 158

necro81 writes "A prototype buoy has been launched off the Oregon coast to try generating electrical power from the ever-present waves. The OSU device works like a giant shake-up flashlight. It is one of several competing designs to take advantage of a potential clean energy goldmine. It will be years before substantial power is contributed to the grid, but several companies have received permits to develop test platforms. The New York Times has an article that surveys the current outlook for wave energy, which it compares to wind energy's prospects back in the 1980s. Concerns about impacts to wildlife and fishing remain to be answered."

Submission + - Pi Runner, a computer game that teaches Pi digits (

SadSoupDragon writes: "Pi Runner is a game that guides you through the digits of Pi, helping you to memorize obscene amounts and impress your geekiest of friends.

The game revolves around a pixilated crocodile running across a bridge made of Pi digits. Your task is to enter the digits of Pi on your numpad in time to fill in the bridge blocks, preventing the croc from falling to his doom.

So far the digit leader board ranges from 50 digits to 60,000... so make your mark!

The game is written in Flash 9, so will run fine on Linux, Windows and Macs."


Submission + - 85% of hacked sites use default passwords (

Technical Writing Geek writes: "Moore said what made the hacking job so easy was that 70% of all the companies he scanned were insecure, and 45% to 50% of VoIP providers were insecure. The biggest insecurity? Default passwords.

"I'd say 85% of them were misconfigured routers. They had the default passwords on them," said Moore. "You would not believe the number of routers that had 'admin' or 'Cisco0' as passwords on them.""


Submission + - Microsoft threatens Halo 3 gamers with LIVE ban ( 7

JamesO writes: "When contacted by Pro-G a Microsoft rep confirmed rumours that gamers who play Halo 3 early will have their LIVE accounts banned. Simply not connecting to the internet doesn't appear to be a solution either. The rep also confirmed that Microsoft is able to ban accounts based on information collected by the console which shows when the game was played. This news is sure to come as a shock to some gamers who have already started playing the final chapter in the blockbuster Halo trilogy.

This appears to suggest that games who play Halo 3 before the official street date will only avoid a ban if they never access Xbox LIVE. Microsoft is preparing an official statement on the Halo 3 banning scandal. We'll give you more on this breaking news story as we get it."


Submission + - Burn Water, Burn (

Aqua OS X writes: "It seems like every three months someone claims they've figured out how to power a Ford Festiva with either dreams or water. Well, water = fuel is back in the news again. 'John Kanzius happened upon the discovery accidentally when he tried to desalinate seawater with a radio-frequency generator he developed to treat cancer. He discovered that as long as the salt water was exposed to the radio frequencies, it would burn.' Whether or not this pans out, I have no idea, but it sounds interesting."

Submission + - Brain Differences In Democrats and Republicans

i_like_spam writes: Scientists from NYU and UCLA report in Nature Neuroscience that the brains of Democrats and Republicans process information differently. This new study finds that the differences are apparent even when the brain processes common information, not just political topics. From the study, liberals were more likely to be accurate and showed more brain activity in the region associated with analyzing conflicts. A researcher not affiliated with the study stated, liberals 'could be expected to more readily accept new social, scientific or religious ideas.' Moreover, 'the results could explain why President Bush demonstrated a single-minded commitment to the Iraq war and why some people perceived Sen. John F. Kerry ... as a flip-flopper.
The Courts

Submission + - Jack Thompson Suspended 1

Dr. Eggman writes: has the story the Florida Bar has ordered Jack Thompson to undergo psychological testing and have suspended his license for 91 days. According to his 2005 book, he has been asked to undergo such testing by the bar before, but sued and successfully settled with the bar for $20,000.

Submission + - Fungi Make Biodiesel at Room Temperature

SoyChemist writes: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology have used pellets made from the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae to produce biodiesel at room temperature. Usually, biodiesel is made by brewing vegetable oil with methanol and lye at high temperatures. That wastes a lot of energy, and thus partially defeats the point of making an alternative fuel. The researchers in Hyderabad mixed sunflower oil with methanol and trickled it through a glass column filled with fungus pellets. A lipase enzyme in the fungus converted the brew into biodiesel with a yield as high as 85 percent. Considering that the U.S. Department of Energy and BP are have pumped tons of money into synthetic biology for making alternative fuels, it is amazing to see what an apparently underfunded lab can do with natural organisms.

Submission + - US Air Force refuels with robo-pilots

Stony Stevenson writes: The US Air Force has revealed it has built a software program which it claims can fly a plane during an inflight refuelling as well as a human pilot.

Autonomous Airborne Refueling software uses inertial, GPS and video data to manoeuvre the plane's refuelling pipes into a 32-in basket. The software was 100 per cent successful, even in conditions which a human pilot would have found almost impossible. A human pilot was on board just in case.

Submission + - Solar Thermal - Spain Making Leaps and Bounds (

DavidKlemke writes: "I'm a pretty big enthusiast when it comes to alternative energy, and I've been deep rooted in solar (mostly Photovoltaics) for quite some time. After seeing projects like the ANU's solar thermal attempt I'd put the technology down to being plausible but unlikely to hit the big time. That is until I discovered that Spain been doing a lot more work then I thought. This is one of the biggest installations I've seen and by far one of the most advanced. Coming from Australia its easy to see the implications of such a technology when we have more space then you can imagine that's lovely and hot that's just begging for this technology to be used."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories

An anonymous reader writes: Dinosauroid-like Alien Reptiles are dominating the World, Apollo 11 Moon Landings were faked by NASA, September 11 was orchestrated by the U. S. government, Barcodes are really intended to Control people, Microsoft sends messages on Wingdings Font, U.S. military caused the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, The Nazis had a Moon Base, Kentucky Fried Chicken makes black men impotent? All these "facts" explored...

Submission + - Record Cost/watt for Solar Panels

Twinbee writes: "We've just had a Slashdot story which reports the efficiency of solar panels has increased yet again, this time from 40.7 to 42.8%. However, what's surely more important is the price per watt statistic. It's the benchmark which more than anything else, will help propel us into a cleaner energy age.

So, Slashdot readers, what is the current record? From a quick Google, I find a few results to get us started: $26.60 per watt (Maplins). $4.40 per watt (the-green-company) $4.16 per watt (GE Energy GEPV-173 Solar Panels)

I have zero affiliation with the above companies, and no, I have no idea why Maplins panels are so expensive.

Can anyone find anything better $4.16 per watt?"

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