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Journal Journal: I'm so tired of PC laptops! 1

I rent LCD projectors to the unsuspecting public.

Every time, I have to babysit the PC laptop owner while he hooks his POS laptop to the projector. Why? Because for some reason NO version of windows can handle the addition of second display. Some windows versions seem to think they need special drivers just to put an XGA signal out the port. Yes, I know, you can just 'Next' out of the dialog to proceed, but it scares the customers like crazy.

Then, once the OS is happy, you still don't get anything out of the laptop. Why? Even though the OS knows there's a display hooked to the external VGA port, the laptop has to be told to use it. What kind of stupid crap is that? Even better: Every brand of laptop has its own different key combination for 'activating' the VGA output. Of course, almost no laptop owners (including most /. readers) know what key combination their laptop needs. Some use Fn/F5, some Fn/F8, they all have different cryptic icons on the function keys. Stupid PC laptops.

Of course, it's always my fault, or the fault of my projector. It's even better when I hear about it 2 weeks later when the whole crowd was left with the impression that my equipment was to blame. Stupid PC laptops.

"What about Mac laptops?", you may ask. No Mac laptop user has ever had any problem with my projectors. They simply hook up to my projector, and it works. No problem. Yet people still claim that PCs are just as user-friendly as Macs. Wrong, they are.

Stupid PC laptops.

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