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Comment Re:NFS on MTCP: was :API support (Score 1) 150


Speed-reading the paper, there appears to be some implicit ammunition for the SCTP approach (if it worked!), at least for applications like HTTP, NFS, etc, which are characterized by multiplexing of large and small messages on the stream. I conclude this from section 5.3, which I think states MPTCP over 2 links was slower than ordinary TCP over one link, when message size was 30K.

(Apologies if I'm misreading.)



Comment NFS on MTCP: was :API support (Score 1) 150

NFS on multipath is my interest, too.

In NFS (v4) on TCP, the endpoints frame messages on the bytestream, independently in each direction. As FireFury03 states above, we're basically (potentially large) packet based. We'd like help from new transports in framing those messages optimally, avoiding head-of-line blocking for entire messages.

In addition to solving HOL, it's been proposed that we could design message framing on SCTP so as to deliver messages and data chunks on different streams, and get some advantages of NFS on RDMA.

I think it's the same story with a lot of protocols, including HTTP. In fact, like most web servers, the ONC RPC stack I work on is in user space, so I have a/the more complex version of these problems.

So do MTCP developers see solutions for any of these problems on the horizon?

Comment Re:"stealing ideas" : Re:Everyone loves a winner. (Score 1) 881


Your claim that Obama a) stole and b) took credit for (inventing) the Heritage foundation proposals. He a) didn't, they are proposals b) never falsely claimed credit for inventing them.

What he -did- do, is take a position you apparently do not like. Well, I would prefer single payer too, but I think it's just a fact that Obama never promised to implement single payer--that was widely debated in the campaign cycle. Don't like the policy? Fine. Don't claim betrayal on this one.

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