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Submission + - DNS vulnerbility not 'new'

Monkey_Genius writes: The 'new' massive DNS vulnerability -that sent the 'internets' into a frenzy of mass co-ordinated releasing and patching- was reported on /. a few days ago. It turns out that the 'hole' is not so new. In an article over at theRegister, they report that this bug was discovered three years ago -by then student, Ian Green- and discussed in a paper that he submitted to the SANS Institute. The article also goes on to briefly describe the vulnerability that was so important to keep secret. Could this just another case of a developer who wishes to promote his own software as the 'better' choice?

Submission + - Nvidia GPUs in meltdown shocker

Monkey_Genius writes: With all the other non-news for 'nerds and stuff that (doesn't) matter' being posted on /. (accompanied by the obligatory whining and complaining that follows) lately, here's a real dustup that's occurring with Nvidia's G84 and G86 GPUs.The Inquirer has two separate articles covering the breaking news so far with this is shaping up to be a real corker for Nvidia. Apparently ALL -not some from this batch or some from that batch- of these GPUs are bad and the problem is being traced to the 'substrate' and thermal problems. On the heels of this announcement, Nvidia's stock price took a twenty-five percent hit in one day and they think that it will cost them a cool $200 Million -that's million with a Capital 'M'- to cover the costs of remediating this problem. It's probably a good time to buy AMD/ATI stock.

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