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Comment ISO Mounting (Score 5, Funny) 642

ISO Mounting

It boggled my mind that even Windows 7 didn't have that. At my job, I'm the Mac tech and there are a couple of PC techs. When they're overbusy, I take some of their workload... had to do an install of Office on someone's machine, so I found a folder of ISOs on a network share, downloaded it, and...? Hmm. "I may be an idiot," I said to my colleagues, "but I can't figure out how to mount this ISO file." "Burn it," they said. "Why, how do you open it on a Mac?" "Uh... you double-click it."

Talk about your long times coming.

Comment Yup, and it's hit or miss (Score 4, Interesting) 697

I'm now cable-free, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether it's right for you comes down to one question: What do you want to watch?

For most broadcast networks, streaming is great. I use Boxee on my Mac, which aggregates a lot of shows from a lot of sources, just not Hulu. Combine that with the Hulu desktop app, and voila. Most of the shows I watch.

But not all. HBO, for instance, is (last time I checked) still aggressively married to the subscription-cable model. You can get their content on their website, if you are an HBO subscriber through the traditional means. I would have no problem paying for HBO, but I don't know of any cable provider that offers JUST HBO. So I have to pay for a package of nonsense like the Food Network and whatever's become of the History Channel. I want to give HBO my money, but they don't want to take it. Showtime is the same way.

I don't know what FX's current attitude towards streaming is, but I'll look into it before Rescue Me starts back up again.

Comment Re:nVidia ION nettop (Score 1) 304

I've run Hulu Desktop a couple of times, wasn't impressed. Boxee, though, I like. One thing that is particularly useful to me is, since I still have a CRT TV, Boxee allows you to manually adjust the amount of overscan. So you don't have the cut off edges of the screen, but neither do you have the wasted space on the sides that you get if you turn on overscan compensation in the OS.

Comment Re:Mac Mini (Score 1) 304

This is the solution I use. I have an older Mini (the newer ones' video chipsets don't support the old DVI-s-video adapters, and I have a CRT TV) which works fine for SD video... most 720 plays OK too, but it chokes on 1080. I use an ATI Remote Wonder II, which isn't supported anymore and I've stopped upgrading the OS for fear that this will be the one that finally breaks it. I like it, as it's an RF remote that acts as a mouse. I haven't found anything newer that I like as much.

Comment Re:Poll timing (Score 1) 338

Well its even trickier then that. Am I applying a force which moves an object? I am pressing keys, sliding and clicking a mouse - so I would say I am working right now. However, one might have not been doing anything but reading when the question asked "Are you working right now". In which case, no work was being done.

Wow, you have an incredible field of vision. For me to read anything, I have to apply my muscles of orbit to move my eye along lines of text. As I thus sit here working, I envy you idle types.

Comment Re:The only prudent thing to do with these things. (Score 1) 185

A brief explanation of "bridge mode" as I give it to customers: When you have a router, the router generally serves to isolate the internal network from the public network (the internet, usually). This means having a public IP address on one interface (the WAN interface) and distributing private IPs to the machines on the local network (the LAN ports). Bridge mode doesn't do that -- instead of acting as a router, the device merely passes traffic to the LAN, allowing (for example) one machine on the local network to claim the public IP that the modem is passing along. Usually, a router in bridge mode is connected to another router downstream, so that THAT router is giving out IPs. You see this a lot with wireless interfaces; you've got a modem/router without wireless capability, and you want to use a wireless router to give out addresses.

Comment Re:Astalavista (Score 2) 288

... but they ARE in favour of people p0wning sites - which requires disclosure of vulnerabilities - something they're against. Kind of contradictory ...

Well, not if you look at it this way: They're not against finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. They're against sharing those vulnerabilities so that others can exploit them. Think of it like an anti-nuke treaty. The US has nukes and will not give them up, but we're dead against letting anyone else have them.

They're just a bunch of assholes, same as the punks who key cars.

Oh yeah, this too.

Comment Re:Guh. (Score 1) 148

I'm a male. We frequently see other people in the restroom, since we don't always have to use the stalls. Sometimes we use urinals. Oh, and as for his assertion that he only tweeted after the verdict, you're all correct, I did overlook that part. My bad.

Comment Guh. (Score 3, Insightful) 148

What part of "don't discuss this case with anyone until it's over" does this idiot not understand? Did he think his Twitter followers didn't count?

God, it really seems that as we've adopted more and more ways to communicate, we've completely forgotten how to do it properly, and etiquette hasn't kept pace. When I was a kid we had corded phones. No real chance of taking one into the bathroom with you, so there never needed to be a rule against talking on the phone while taking a crap. But if you asked anyone whether it would be acceptable were it technologically possible, they'd probably have reacted with disgust. But today? I see and hear people on their phones in the restroom all the damn time.

So maybe it's the judge's fault for not realizing what mouth-breathers people can be, and explicitly forbidding tweeting, blogging, etc? I dunno.

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