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Submission + - Development Hardware Requirements

Monkeedude1212 writes: So after a handful of successful flash games our game development team has decided to kick it up a notch and produce something "Real" and "Possibly Profitable". We've settled on Valve's Source Engine not only because its free and open source, but it already has a distrubution method tied to it (Steam). The problem is that we are all running on some pretty old hardware, myself being on a laptop thats approaching 4 years old. If Any of you have ever tried to Recomplile Half Life 2 with 2 Gigs on Vista you'll know that it can take the better part of a day to finish. So its time for an upgrade.

Sadly, I am not a hardware junkie, nor do I know any, so I'm not 100% on exactly what's best to suit my needs for development. I will be running windows (Either XP or 7) and Visual Studio 2008. I had once worked on a Mac Pro, the 2x Quad Core with 32 gigs of Ram, and I found it to be a dream. So I want something comparable to that, but I want it cheaper. If I order parts from Tiger Direct I'm sure I could get a good rig going at a fraction of the price of buying one setup.

So I am opening it up to /. — Can it be done? The Price Range is anything below $3,300. Minor preference towards NVidia (but not necessary). Any suggestions on where else to order are also welcome.

Submission + - Microsoft Urges Court to Overturn Word Ruling (

Monkeedude1212 writes: "Microsoft made a formal plea for the right to distribute its Word product Wednesday, appearing before a federal appeals court to argue against a recent patent loss.

"At today's hearing we emphasized three points for why a reverse judgment or retrial is warranted: Courts need to construct claims properly, the patent is not valid and we do not infringe it, and common sense can't be abandoned when it comes to damages calculation. We are pleased with how the hearing proceeded and we look forward to the Court's ruling." Microsoft spokesperson Kevin Kutz said in a statement.

"We're feeling very, very good about the appeal," i4i chairman Loudon Owen said in a phone interview. "There wasn't a single issue that arose that was new. It was, in fact, a re-package of all the same arguments that were made at trial. All of [Microsoft's] core elements failed at trial" and will likely fail on appeal.

The case is now in the hands of the judges, and a response can take anywhere from two to four months, Owen said. The judges have the option to affirm the court's decision, affirm in part, or dismiss.

"As a company, we have a great sense of urgency, and we're extremely enthusiastic to hear back as soon as possible because we're suffering irreparable harm every day," Owen concluded. "And it's not just financial â" we're also losing out strategically. We want to become the pioneer in what's going to be a very, very fast growing segment.""


Submission + - Filtering Users Internet Access

Monkeedude1212 writes: "Hi Slashdotters, I'm hoping you can help me out.

I'm one of the four IT guys at our ever-growing medium sized company. We've ran into a few problems this week where people are getting nasty viruses on their PC's by visitting sites that they shouldn't be while working; Myspace, Foreign Radio Stations, etc. Currently we have no system in place to block users from accessing anything on the internet, we just have Symantic antivirus and firewall in place on all PC's and the servers (I know, thats one problem right there). The virus definition updates get pushed out by the server daily whenever there is an update.

One of the other IT guys and myself think we should nip the problem in the bud and restrict users from visitting harmful sites. The tricky part is that we don't always know the URL of the site they plan on visitting, as new ones can crop up daily; so for the users we know as troublesome we want to restrict them to the few trusted sites we know. Or at least no URL's ending in .cn — we're not a Chinese Company nor do we have any business with it. However we also want regular users who DON'T abuse the company internet to have the same access as before minus any blacklisted sites we may set up;

We're running Active Directory on W2K3 Servers, we want to be able to filter internet access by groups, with varying degrees of internet Access. Whats the best solution to our problem?"

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