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Comment Quite elegant (Score 1) 455

Surprisingly, I agree with this family. If you patent something and don't either manufacture it or drop the patent or allow others to manufacture it, then you are responsible for impeding the progress, and therefore may be responsible for consequences. At least when you prohibit others to do what you decided not to, and I think it's safe to assume that Apple would sue anyone who would attempt to implement something that's described in their patent.

Comment Misleading title (Score 1) 574

Let's face it - Russian hackers deleted the article from Washington Post and now make us feel like Obama is [what he most certainly isn't].

By the way, I think that Russian hackers penetrated my cell phone. There is no other explanation why I didn't hear the alarm this morning. Somebody, stop Putin now!

Comment I can believe that (Score 1) 77

I've seen many implementations of OpenAuth in web apps. And everywhere I looked, one step was always missing. The verification of the token.

Token is a little XML fragment with information such as your e-mail address or public ID in the service that you are using for authentication. For example, Google authentication contains your gmail address, and Twitter has integer, if I remember right. And it contains the digital signature to ensure the token wasn't created in notepad. Websites will not try to check the signature in it, because all they need is presented in clear text. They choose the path of least resistance, so to say.

In truth, most small software companies usually don't have people who bother to understand OAuth. Large software companies may have such person. But the funny thing - these guys usually don't go further than mocking you on using other ways of authentication, blindly believing that their implementation of OAuth (downloaded from source-sharing website few years ago, at best) is god-given and immaculate. Their use of OAuth code snippets is like praying in Latin - they don't understand a fck about what they do, but it feels like Greater Power is taking a burden of thinking from them.

Comment Silly (Score 1) 203

Seriously, why did they think it would help? If I would need to find out those who were there, I would compare their location in Facebook with their IP address. So non-Dakota IPs would be filtered away. But even better - get the IMEI numbers of all phones in area and find mobile contracts for them. No Facebook needed. I'm pretty sure NSA can do that.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 476

Not really, but you should see the name and perhaps even photo of the driver, and the name of the passenger. If it's Mbanga Adebowale, then you know it's African guy (I'm not speaking about USA here, in Europe most black guys are actual Africans). When I am calling a taxi using Hailo app (similar to Uber, but works with registered Taxi), I cancel these guys too. In my case - not because I can't tolerate their skin color or think that they are taking jobs from white guys. Simply because I drive too and I know how black taxi drivers behave on the road - they simply ignore all the rules and make the ride too risky. I wouldn't like to be a passenger in such a ride.

Regarding the behavior of non-white passengers I can't tell, but Uber drivers may have some knowledge and experience regarding that. And I am not using the word "prejudice", because I assume that not all Uber drivers are newbies and they should have the experience by now. And cancellation rate tells us something about it. I don't know the details, but I assume that remuneration doesn't worth the risk. They are using their personal cars, which may be used to bring their kids to school next day, so they have more variables in their decision making process, and fortunately they don't have to follow the same rules that are effective in public transportation services.

Comment I think it's brilliant (Score 1) 186

We don't know yet how to create the infinite source of power. But once we'll figure out, I am pretty sure that this model will be able to use it.

We can't create the real artificial intelligence at the moment, but when we will, this wonderful computer will most certainly be able to host it!

We aren't really there yet to create the sort of coffee that would prolong your life, but as soon as we will - this wonderful coffee maker machine that you can buy today - will make you live longer!

Comment If businesses are not interested... (Score 1) 316

It would be funny if Russians would buy it. Taking into account the role of Twitter in all the "colored" revolutions and how Russia and her allies are annoyed with it, they could buy it to turn the weapon in the opposite direction.

Frankly, I think that even the role of Twitter in revolts is exaggerated and it's not a valuable asset even for that. Do Chinese think the same?

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