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Comment Re:Mandatory metal detectors at night clubs? (Score 1) 1144

You clearly think the LGBT community differs from everyone else in something other than sexual identity/preference. Let me let you in on something ... the LGBT community is just like everyone else ... Even without numbers I can tell you they are just as likely to blow someone away in a fit of passion as someone in the straight community. You're welcome.

Comment Abrams is a spectacle guy. Not a story guy! (Score 1) 562

This first Disney Star Wars film was never about story. As you say ... What the first SW film after the George Lucas travesty known as episodes I - !!I needed to be was a spectacle that clearly established, for the fans, that Disney could recapture the look and feel, mood and tone, however you want to describe it, of the original trilogy. They have unequivocally done that!

Let's face it ... nobody would pick Abrams to tell a story. Abrams is a spectacle guy. Not a story guy!

I anticipate few story elements will be "borrowed" from the original trilogy for any of the episodes to come. Don't expect redemption of the villain, for example.. Do expect that the sets will be reused ... they are an integral and essential part of the mood and tone of the franchise ...

The guy tagged to write and direct episode VIII( [] ), Rian Johnson (Looper), is NOT a spectacle guy he is definitely a "story" guy and while he's no Irwin Kershner, I have considerable hope that episode VIII will be as much better than VII as V was better than IV.

I know that is dangerous, shattered hope kills ....

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