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Comment Re:Did they ask how many want it (Score 1) 402

I'm actually surprised the parent hasn't been modded flamebait.

It has always struck me as an intellectually dishonest argument that "Farmer Joe in Rural Wisconsin doesn't want or need broadband, so we shouldn't expand our infrastructure for him." Uh... sorry, but the era of farmers in rural America who don't need (didn't grow up with) the internet is drawing to a rather rapid close. And even now, why should we not expand the infrastructure to those rural areas when there are obviously people, minority or not, who do want it? Nobody is going to force Farmer Joe to give up his telephone or his dialup, and the quality of life for everyone else goes up -- and yeah, I do think everyone here would agree that the internet does have an overwhelmingly positive impact on daily life.

Blaming it for the US being a nation of couch potatoes is just beyond the pale, especially here.

Submission + - Ask /.: Holiday cards to support net neutrality?

MoleyGhost writes: It seems like you can buy holiday/seasonal cards to support a ton of non-profits, but I can't find anywhere that will contribute any proceeds to support net neutrality. Being a geek, and net neutrality getting so much negative attention lately, I feel like I need to help set the record straight for some of my older relatives. Anyone know of a source? If not, any net neutrality foundations out there want to design a card? I'd buy...

Comment Storage media (Score 2) 223

Meh, there's also the physical medium to consider. I suspect more people buy games than buy music because many come on proprietary cartridges, which end up being a lot harder to clone than CDs. This may not be true of some of the newer systems if they use standard DVDs, but it used to be that you had to invest quite a bit of time and/or money to rig up a cartridge writer.

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