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Comment Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

Somebody please mod the parent up. I think this is the strongest reason by far. As long as you're ambulatory, why would you waste a vacation day? Yes, it's selfish with regards to coworkers, but the real blame lies in corporate policy that lumps vacation and sick days into one homogenous grouping.

Comment Re:Here here! Well said. (Score 1) 795

Please refer to the comment above where it is pointed out that H1-B's are specifically for technical positions, and the domestic labor force for this market segment is 2.5 million, NOT 150 million. In that context, 700k workers is %28 of the workforce. I would say that makes a very large difference.

I have worked with many H1-B's, and found that they are neither more or less competent than our American colleagues, on average. The problem is that they are an exploited resource (no real market negotiation, depress true market wages, easily threatened with deportation). I hold no grudge against any of them. My ire is directed entirely at the corporations who abuse the system to the detriment of all.

I'm all for eliminating H1-B's, and allowing open work visas for any qualified candidate. With appropriate safeguards in place to prevent artificial wage deflation, it would attract valuable foreign talent without depressing domestic wages.

Comment Re:Devil's Advocate (Score 2) 1271

Their "poor, unhealthy life choice" puts them at risk for communicable diseases. If you then contract these diseases, you endanger others around you who are at risk, such as infants (pre vaccination age), the sick (weakened immune response), or the elderly (decreased antibody effectiveness).

Other lifestyle choices that affect health (smoking, overeating, not enough exercise) have non communicable repercussions. Obviously second hand smoke is another issue, but the direct diseases smoking causes are not contagious.

Why shouldn't a doctor be able to fire someone who doesn't listen? The doctor has the background and training to make him a domain expert. If the patient thinks he knows better than the trained professional, why is he even bothering going to the doctor in the first place? Or, if it's simply one point he disagrees with (albeit, an arguably big point), then the patient really should find a doctor who's practice aligns more with himself. Of course, for this particular discussion that leaves few options. I sure as hell wouldn't trust any doctor who advocated against vaccines, but to each his own.

Comment Re:Who will all just plug their ears (Score 1) 361

"Creationists" and belief in evolution are mutually exclusive:


  1. the doctrine that matter and all things were created, substantially as they now exist, by an omnipotent Creator, and not gradually evolved or developed.
  2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) the doctrine that the true story of the creation of the universe is as it is recounted in the Bible, especially in the first chapter of Genesis.

While there are many scientists who find no conflict between their spiritual beliefs and the scientific method, creationists directly reject the scientific method.

Creationism and belief in an initial creation are not the same thing. Belief in creationism, by definition, requires rejection of well established scientific principles of geology, astronomy, evolution, and various other fields of research.

While I am an athiest, I respect other peoples beliefs in spiritual ideas that are beyond the bounds of current science. However, I reject any call for acceptance of beliefs of those who reject well established knowledge based on nothing more than self contradictory texts written by superstitious iron age villagers.

Comment Re:Works in the UK Just fine... (Score 2) 218

Based on the books by Steig Larsen (

  • Girl with the Dragon Tatoo
  • The girl who played with fire
  • The girl who kicked the hornets nest

It's actually a rather good set of movies (haven't finished the third one yet), though it does have some disturbing content. It's in Swedish, with English subtitles. All three are currently available on Netflix streaming.

I heard that they're planning an Americanized Hollywood adaptation. I can only expect it to end up as awful and vile as "Point of No Return" was compared to "La Femme Nikita".


The Perils of Pointless Innovation In Games 260

Negative Gamer is running a story discussing the need felt by the major game developers to create the next huge blockbuster, which often leads to innovation and change for their own sake rather than simply focusing on what makes a game fun. Quoting: "There seems to be this invisible pressure to create something that is highly 'intuitive' and incorporates the highest level of innovation that we have ever seen. The problem is that the newest ideas put into games are either gimmicky, terrible in execution, or blatantly ripping off another title. On the other hand there are series that feel the need to completely revamp a game that played perfectly fine before into something completely new that falls flat on its face. ... There's a critical problem with popular, mainstream video games that isn't as large with other mediums; they are expensive to make and require a lot of time and effort put in to create something masterful. With that, games must take cautious paths. I fully understand the risks, but adding unneeded material to certain games is not justifiable."

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