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Submission + - Supercapacitor Breakthrough Rivals Batteries (physicsworld.com)

MojoRilla writes: US researchers have developed supercapacitors that have the same storage per weight as nickel metal hydride batteries, but can be charged and discharged much faster. Their goal is to develop a supercapacitor with stores as much energy as the best Lithium Ion batteries, but can recharge in two minutes. As with any new technology, there are still hurdles to commercialization, but maybe we'll be able to recharge our IPhone 8s while brushing our teeth.

Submission + - Nissan Unveils All Electric LEAF

MojoRilla writes: Nissan unveiled (press release, and flash site) their all-electric LEAF in Japan. Slated to launch in late 2010 in Japan, US and Europe, this car will have a 100 mile range, seats 5, has an advanced computer system with remote control by IPhone, and promises to be competitively priced. While this car's range won't work for everyone, it could be a game changer as a commuter car.

Submission + - Bank of America Now Financing the Tesla Roadster

MojoRilla writes: Now for just $30,237 down you can own a Tesla Roadster, thanks to an innovative new Bank of America financing program. The Roadster is perhaps the biggest green geek magnet on the planet (or at lest runs with one under the hood), does 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, and gets you thumbs up from Prius drivers and cops. Now if they could only make it affordable for the rest of us.

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