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Comment Re:It's all true (Score 1) 77

Disallow corporations from contributing to campaign funds?

Allow donations from private citizens only?

Get rid of the PACs and make politicians work their own campaigns?

Prevent lobbying from corporations?

FYI I'm a kiwi and admittedly don't know much about the US electoral laws - our process is a little different down here

Comment Re:I prefer it with people... (Score 1) 129

Have to admit the Jack/Rose plot kinda ruined the movie in my opinion. But I think James Cameron & his crew did a pretty good job with the SFX on that one. Appeared pretty realistic especially on the big screen. Certainly better visuals than A Night to Remember, although that was a better movie

Comment Re:Actually the movie was right (Score 3, Informative) 127

The movie was right. Marty and doc Brown did travel to 2015 and saw the 2015 as it had to be. But then, they traveled far back, then they went back to the future - their 1988 present. Unfortunately in between 2015 and 1988 they modified the "new" past (of 2015) which gave the boring and hoverboard-less 2015 we all live now.

Actually they travelled to 2015 from 1985

Back to the Future 2 was direct continuation from BttF1 which started in 1985

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

The only person who should ever feel intimidated by a legal and law-abiding open carry is a person who has the desire to intimidate or harm innocents and doesnt want to risk getting shot for it.

So I'm curious - what is a person who openly carries so intimidated by that they feel the need to carry a gun?

I can understand the average Joe / Jane wanting a gun to hunt. And I can understand that there are situations which require armed police.

But I cannot understand why an average person would feel the need to openly carry a gun on daily basis.

Comment Re:Hate it! (Score 1) 150

Just created an account over there myself. Been following it on and off for a few months, but now it looks as though Dice is going to force beta on us regardless & /. is a shadow of it's former self. Time will tell if Soylent can keep up the old spirit of 'in soviet russia', overlords, hot grits and Cowboy Neal

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