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Comment Way more important than a Supreme Court Nomination (Score 1) 357

Since this is way more important than filling the seat for the Supreme Court, I say more power to them. " Supreme Court nominations, and you wont believe #13" is just as 'newsy' as anything on Fox, CNN and Facebook. I am sure that click bait has been on all the sites mentioned, as well as all the far left and right. All the sites everywhere massage their trending topics.

Submission + - OneDrive being policed by Microsoft (bbc.com)

Modern writes: As reported by the BBC and probably unbeknownst to the public in general "A tip-off from Microsoft has led to the arrest of a man in Pennsylvania who has been charged with receiving and sharing child abuse images. It flagged the matter after discovering that an image involving a young girl had been allegedly saved to the man's OneDrive cloud storage account."
Stated in the article are other services that have also reported misconduct to various law enforcement divisions. Url below.

According to court documents, the man was subsequently detected trying to send two illegal pictures via one of Microsoft's live.com email accounts.

Comment I got to lvl 64 with just 2 hrs of play (Score 1) 166

I got to level 64 with just over two hours of play. I wonder if this game will have the longevity power to keep people interested. I play with friends, but refuse to forever grind the same content over and over and over ..... ad infinitum. I was pretty bored with D3 after grinding to 60. I got my paragon from 17 to 45 with just one reset and a run through of the acts after the 2.0x patch.

Comment Black Mamba (Score 5, Funny) 293

Fascinating creature, the black mamba. In Africa, the saying goes 'in the bush, an elephant can kill you, a leopard can kill you, and a black mamba can kill you. But only with the black mamba--and this has been true in africa since the dawn of time--is death sure.' Hence its handle--'death incarnate. Its neurotoxic venom is one of nature's most effective poisons, acting on the nervous system causing paralysis. The venom of a black mamba can kill a human being in four hours if, say, bitten on the ankle or the thumb. However, a bite to the face or torso can bring death from paralysis within 20 minutes. The amount of venom that can be delivered from a single bite can be gargantuan. If not treated quickly with anti-venom, ten to fifteen milligrams can be fatal to human beings. However, the black mamba can deliver as much as 100 to 400 milligrams of venom from a single bite.

Just be sure to include a return address.

Comment Poul Anderson, The High Crusade, maybe Eddings (Score 1) 726

The High Crusade is a pretty simple book that I loved and remembered reading as a kid. It is a good start into SciFi and easy to picture in ones mind while reading. I also suggest David Eddings, the Belgariad series as a good place to start. Good books with lots of imagery and not to difficult.

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