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Comment Re:Some are harassed and attacked into leaving. (Score 1) 589

And every time I hear one of these anecdotal stories of women being viciously attacked, I think to myself "Whoa. I've never seen anything like that."
And inevitably, it ends with "this bad shit happens because you're remaining silent while it happens."
And I think "Huh. Well there's not much I can do to stop what I've never seen happen."

The thing is, I have no idea how much of a problem this is really. Are people overreacting? Are people really behaving like that? Are there even very many of them? Does it happen to women more than men? Much more? Does it happen more in tech circles than, say, artist circles?

I don't have time to dig up all of that myself, and it's not affecting me negatively in any way. It's not my fight, so there's no point in my "doing something about it", unless a problem were to suddenly stare me in the face (witnessing harassment, for example). I suspect that most people fall into this category.

So by publicly berating everyone in a group for their "lack of action" to curb this scourge, you're simply alienating everyone except for those who want to put on a public show of their righteousness.

Comment Re:Okay this may get me modded down to infinity, b (Score 1) 589

A friend of mine is one of those "bad boys". He's usually doing two different married women at any point in his life.

He likes married women because they don't try to tie him down (it's just a fling, after all), and they eventually move on, leaving him free to find someone else. Meanwhile, they have an outlet for all their repressed emotions and fantasies, which he's happy to oblige for some truly amazing sex.

These women are people whom you'd NEVER suspect of cheating. There is quite literally no way of knowing, unless she gets careless.

Comment Re:Funny thing ... (Score 1) 345

I'm one to judge.

Foolishness is foolishness, whether it be the idea of personalities (souls) persisting in energy form, an omniscient being telling sheep herders how to live, or space aliens trolling the weak minded with peek-a-boo tricks and anal probes.

Just because a lot of people persist in a fantasy doesn't make it real, and it is the responsibility of all level headed people to ridicule them so that they'll eventually be shamed into being less ignorant and foolish.

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