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Comment Re:I don't think that's enough (Score 1) 99

It does seem underpowered relative to the 4x expansion in resolution. However it makes sense from a couple perspectives... it will power virtual reality reasonably well (a PS4 in each eye), and if it is meant to play the existing base of games (with complete compatitiblity between PS4 and PS4x) then the actual number of polygons is not going to double necessarily. But you'll have some of that power going to providing sharper or better anti-aliased edges. With some enhancement of particle animations, perhaps.

Comment Re:The usual way (Score 4, Insightful) 515

Because back in the 1980s computers booted to the BASIC command line interpreter/REPL. Nowadays, there is, more or less, no such thing. Closest similar thing most non-geeks will get to is a browser console, and while that is reasonable debugging tool for pros, it's not a similarly friendly programming tool for beginners.

In fact, you practically need to be an experienced developer even to get a modern IDE up and running. Eclipse? Xcode? Not for the faint-hearted.

Not sure about hard statistics, but I'd say it's a safe bet most new developers these days need to be shown how to get going. Beyond that, they'll naturally self-teach and bootstrap themselves, or fail out early. Because at the end of the day, no matter how you learn, your practical knowledge (meaning libraries and frameworks and tools, if not entire languages) will be functionally obsolete within two years, formal CS concepts and emacs/vim godliness notwithstanding.

Comment Re:daily mail reporting (Score 4, Insightful) 555

It's absolute nonsense. About, according to Wikipedia: "The Daily Mail is a British daily conservative, middle-market[2][3] tabloid newspaper owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust." The simplest science tells us the entire premise of this article is a bunch of baloney. A gallon of gasoline produces about 20 pounds of CO2 emissions -- This comes simply from burning the carbon in the fuel with oxygen in the air. One carbon atom plus two oxygen atoms, simple chemistry. The amount of "emissions" from driving 20 to 40 miles (the typical range a gallon of fuel will get you) can be measured directly -- it's how much weight the tire loses. A fraction of a gram, perhaps? And the brakes? Some number of tens of milligrams of brake dust? Similarly the "emissions" from the road idea is pure nonsense. If the roads "lost" a few hundred pounds of material every time an electric car used up a charge, we'd have heard about it. Since it is weight-based, we could safely assume an 18-wheeler would vaporize a couple of TONS of asphalt every few hundred miles. This is a nonsense paper appealing to poor, uneducated people without the analytical context -- or, more fairly to intelligent people without higher education credentials, just the simple, plain common sense -- necessary to recognize a propaganda job of absurd proportions. There is no science or fact behind this article. It is a pack of lies designed to anger people as much as necessary to hold their attention long enough to make a few more cents showing them advertising. The Dailymail is beyond shameful -- to the extent it tries to pass off this drivel as truth, it is an affront to human decency itself.

Comment time for dynamic ssn (Score 2) 33

This kind of thing has only been getting more commonplace. Won't make a dime's worth of difference -- a $10/mo subscription to some credit monitoring service, some apologies to the employees, and a bit of worry, and NO changes -- until there is a system in place for complex, dynamic one-time-use SSN codes that EXPIRE if unused.

Comment Re: So pretty much everyone, now. (Score 1) 36

This kind of back door is so obvious, so stupid, and so NOT NEW, that Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins must be fires over this. There is no excuse to let some govt plant be able to get these back doors in in this day and age. What an embarrassment that CEO is. And anyone who says he is not responsible for this is avoiding the point that this is... SO NOT NEW.

Comment Re:Catch the rounded ones early (Score 1) 300

Don't have to worry about people nicking a real developer's job. The average Joe/Jolene is likely to get excited and whip up some horribly deranged code that he/she will pay a professional developer a lot of money to fix. Think of it as creating more career opportunities cleaning up the mess. After all, maintenance of various sorts is where 90% of the money in this industry goes anyway.

Comment Become a Brogrammer (Score 5, Insightful) 302

Don't bother coding from scratch. Any client for whom money is an object, you're better off just hanging out and drinking beers with as you co-plan world domination. Eventually if you ask enough detailed product spec questions the client will realize they are in over their heads, get intimidated and abandon the project. They got off lucky. You got free beer.

Comment ties (Score 4, Funny) 51

Tie boy: Do not try and tie the tie. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Tie boy: There is no tie.
Neo: There is no tie?
Tie boy: Yes, you jackarse, this is a techie film and people don't wear ties unless they dropped in accidentally from the Wall Street movie set next door.

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