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Comment Re:Retaliatory measures based on no evidence. (Score 0) 821

There was a time when US Intelligence agencies were not a politically driven contradiction of terms used for their credibility for a president to sell a load of crap to the people.

Back when the intelligence agencies had credibility? Like when George Bush and (especially) Dick Cheney TOLD them what to say to give cover for an illegal and unjustified invasion? Like then? Is THAT what you're talking about?

And don't worry, when you say "Kenyan", we all know you mean "n1gger". Feel free to continue your drooling, idiotic, uninformed, ignorant, inbred, STUPID ranting. The fact that you and your kind allowed your country to be defeated and diminished just so you could indulge in your racism must give you great satisfaction.

Pre 1947 genius. Don't start with the prejudice BS, I hate everyone equally. I bet the CIA said that partly because they DIDN'T want to be called racist, FBI probably came to the same conclusion but just a bit later.

Comment Re:Retaliatory measures based on no evidence. (Score 0, Insightful) 821

Sound familiar? Some things never change

There was a time when US Intelligence agencies were not a politically driven contradiction of terms used for their credibility for a president to sell a load of crap to the people. The DNC blames the Russians for their failure and they get that last guy with the fake birth certificate to 'go get them' while ignoring they have completely devastated their own political party's credibility in the display of Soros funded riots, property damage and loss of life, the art of sociopaths. Russia doesn't employ independent Romanian hackers that go by the handle Guccifer, if they did he wouldn't have served any time and would have been quietly traded years ago. There simply wasn't any evidence that the highly secured and audited networks that host the voting machines was breached but Jill Steins recount did uncover election fraud in favor of Hillary with the box of 50 votes that counted towards Hillary in Michigan. So where is the evidence of hacking? Anyone think the DNC would be less miffed over their own failure if RNC went and grabbed another Kenyan citizen off the streets in Africa and gave him the nuclear football?

Comment Re:Aand what so special? (Score -1) 45

No, most of the week is wasted on figuring out which direction Mecca is.

Process to 'hack' wifi network:
To locate the power button on the notebook. .5 days
To find the button on the notebook to turn on Wifi adapter 1.0 days
To locate the applet in the system tray to associate to the free public unencrypted Wifi network. 1.5 days.

Bam, found Google.

Comment Re: Goddamit so much (Score 0) 90

???? I read your comment several times and it seemed to me to be nothing more than word salad... a string of disconnected thoughts. I shared it with friends... no one can make any sense of what you have written.

Just shared my opinion of the US political system and a bit of my family history, over a 100 years worth in the region of Tahoe, and a bit of trolling the AC's abuse of mod points. There's some legit emails in there involving one of them that called me out on it referencing me to being nuttier than squirrel shit. When I came back with those emails he seemed to get all personal and figures I actually care about /. karma system and began attacking mine, so I have been trying to get him to burn every mod point he can get at.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 1) 90

You should increase the voltage on your treatments.

There are just 5 things I care about in the Lake Tahoe basin: Water, lumber, uranium, gold and silver, and the local Sheriff's office (EDSO) has been made fully aware of that. What are they going to do? Take the Pentagon's guns away? Big pharma cartel style sales of pills for depression, paranoid schitz, or psychosis of unknown origin to the Pentagon? I'd love to see that. I don't fit any of the above diagnosis, however might I suggest writing out a diagnosis of "Really f*cking pist, is talking, and has a bat shit crazy hardon for every natural resource in the Tahoe basin, and can get at every one of them".

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 1) 90

Devin Waller
Nov 1
to me


Thank you for your interest in the California Science Center and your generous donation offer. It seems that your grandfather’s drafting set has a rich history and will be an ideal artifact for static display for the appropriate museum. We appreciate your consideration of the Science Center as a donor organization. However, we are simply not able to accept this item at this time. I’d like to recommend that you contact Cindy Macha, President of the Western Museum of Flight in Torrance (http://www.wmof.com/) or Professor William Deverell, Director of the Huntington-USC Institute (http://dornsife.usc.edu/icw).

Kind regards,


Devin Waller | Exhibit Project Manager

Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center

California Science Center

700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90037
  O: (213) 744-7448
  C: (310) 975-5400


Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 0) 90

You should increase the voltage on your treatments.

No treatment, however a voltage increase in application has already been administered:

Received: by with SMTP id v86csp1612177iov;
                Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:12:25 -0700 (PDT)
X-Received: by with SMTP id y132mr72786oig.12.1473700345154;
                Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:12:25 -0700 (PDT)

Sep 12
to me


    He loved it! Thought it should be preserved with its "Backstory" as close to an A-12 as possible. I'll have him get back to you if you would like as soon as possible but this week won't work. We're basically booked up to our eyeballs for the next 7-10 days.


On Sep 1, 2016 2:18 PM, "XXX.XXX A NJ-02 USAF AFMC 412 TW/MU" > wrote:


                    Got it! I'll show this to the director and see what he thinks


                  Subject: Fwd: OXCART drafting set photos

                  A while back I was down there for a couple days and recently came across something. My great uncle Jack Branham said after sending my father out of the room "Strategic Reconnaissance was my baby, and it had to be cancelled, not because they cut funding but because of the way they did it and that involved your grandfather". My grandfather (Arthur Hoenig) was a 33rd degree Mason that for his act of kindness to humanity aligned and organized Children's Hospital and Shriner's fund raisers in Tahoe and Reno and died in a plane crash directly following between 4-6 million dollars wired into the program that never made it in '63. He worked as an "electrician" at American Brass & Iron in Oakland, CA but did most of his work at night. I did tell my father what my uncle said as it was looking like he was possibly under attack and/or being stalked like I was recently. My mother and I were looking through the garage and found something that my father told me once belonged to my grandfather. Pics attached... This would explain exactly why the program had to be cancelled. This could be the set used to draw the origins of AQM-60 Kingfisher/U2/SR-71 Blackbird. My uncle was very adamant that I understood what he was telling me and one of the days we were out to breakfast in town he asked me to ride in his truck with him and he said "I don't think you absorbed what I told you, I got your grandfather killed. I didn't mean to but spyplanes is a dangerous business". I asked if anything was stolen and that was when I found out about the money stolen out of the program and I told him well there you go. Not sure if he knew about my great grandfather's initials seen be myself and my father on the underground river plug beneath a Virginia City museum when I was 9 and told by my father that he never made it back to Wisconsin but that looks like a repeat crime rather than related to the JFK hit. Anyway I think that about fixes my grandfather being an unsung hero of CIA SR. Anyway my family somehow ended up in Tahoe for the last 40 years and it looks like they set us up, been trying to get out of here after being gang stalked and my business I had going down in LA folded as a result. Just me, my mother and sister left because they took out my father 3 years ago. My father told me back in '92 'shh' as we were leaving my great uncles house in north woods Wisconsin and that was the last I spoke of it until recent.

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