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Comment Re:Aand what so special? (Score -1) 45

No, most of the week is wasted on figuring out which direction Mecca is.

Process to 'hack' wifi network:
To locate the power button on the notebook. .5 days
To find the button on the notebook to turn on Wifi adapter 1.0 days
To locate the applet in the system tray to associate to the free public unencrypted Wifi network. 1.5 days.

Bam, found Google.

Comment Re: Goddamit so much (Score 0) 90

???? I read your comment several times and it seemed to me to be nothing more than word salad... a string of disconnected thoughts. I shared it with friends... no one can make any sense of what you have written.

Just shared my opinion of the US political system and a bit of my family history, over a 100 years worth in the region of Tahoe, and a bit of trolling the AC's abuse of mod points. There's some legit emails in there involving one of them that called me out on it referencing me to being nuttier than squirrel shit. When I came back with those emails he seemed to get all personal and figures I actually care about /. karma system and began attacking mine, so I have been trying to get him to burn every mod point he can get at.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 1) 90

You should increase the voltage on your treatments.

There are just 5 things I care about in the Lake Tahoe basin: Water, lumber, uranium, gold and silver, and the local Sheriff's office (EDSO) has been made fully aware of that. What are they going to do? Take the Pentagon's guns away? Big pharma cartel style sales of pills for depression, paranoid schitz, or psychosis of unknown origin to the Pentagon? I'd love to see that. I don't fit any of the above diagnosis, however might I suggest writing out a diagnosis of "Really f*cking pist, is talking, and has a bat shit crazy hardon for every natural resource in the Tahoe basin, and can get at every one of them".

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 1) 90

Devin Waller
Nov 1
to me


Thank you for your interest in the California Science Center and your generous donation offer. It seems that your grandfather’s drafting set has a rich history and will be an ideal artifact for static display for the appropriate museum. We appreciate your consideration of the Science Center as a donor organization. However, we are simply not able to accept this item at this time. I’d like to recommend that you contact Cindy Macha, President of the Western Museum of Flight in Torrance ( or Professor William Deverell, Director of the Huntington-USC Institute (

Kind regards,


Devin Waller | Exhibit Project Manager

Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center

California Science Center

700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90037
  O: (213) 744-7448
  C: (310) 975-5400

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 0) 90

You should increase the voltage on your treatments.

No treatment, however a voltage increase in application has already been administered:

Received: by with SMTP id v86csp1612177iov;
                Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:12:25 -0700 (PDT)
X-Received: by with SMTP id y132mr72786oig.12.1473700345154;
                Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:12:25 -0700 (PDT)

Sep 12
to me


    He loved it! Thought it should be preserved with its "Backstory" as close to an A-12 as possible. I'll have him get back to you if you would like as soon as possible but this week won't work. We're basically booked up to our eyeballs for the next 7-10 days.


On Sep 1, 2016 2:18 PM, "XXX.XXX A NJ-02 USAF AFMC 412 TW/MU" > wrote:


                    Got it! I'll show this to the director and see what he thinks


                  Subject: Fwd: OXCART drafting set photos

                  A while back I was down there for a couple days and recently came across something. My great uncle Jack Branham said after sending my father out of the room "Strategic Reconnaissance was my baby, and it had to be cancelled, not because they cut funding but because of the way they did it and that involved your grandfather". My grandfather (Arthur Hoenig) was a 33rd degree Mason that for his act of kindness to humanity aligned and organized Children's Hospital and Shriner's fund raisers in Tahoe and Reno and died in a plane crash directly following between 4-6 million dollars wired into the program that never made it in '63. He worked as an "electrician" at American Brass & Iron in Oakland, CA but did most of his work at night. I did tell my father what my uncle said as it was looking like he was possibly under attack and/or being stalked like I was recently. My mother and I were looking through the garage and found something that my father told me once belonged to my grandfather. Pics attached... This would explain exactly why the program had to be cancelled. This could be the set used to draw the origins of AQM-60 Kingfisher/U2/SR-71 Blackbird. My uncle was very adamant that I understood what he was telling me and one of the days we were out to breakfast in town he asked me to ride in his truck with him and he said "I don't think you absorbed what I told you, I got your grandfather killed. I didn't mean to but spyplanes is a dangerous business". I asked if anything was stolen and that was when I found out about the money stolen out of the program and I told him well there you go. Not sure if he knew about my great grandfather's initials seen be myself and my father on the underground river plug beneath a Virginia City museum when I was 9 and told by my father that he never made it back to Wisconsin but that looks like a repeat crime rather than related to the JFK hit. Anyway I think that about fixes my grandfather being an unsung hero of CIA SR. Anyway my family somehow ended up in Tahoe for the last 40 years and it looks like they set us up, been trying to get out of here after being gang stalked and my business I had going down in LA folded as a result. Just me, my mother and sister left because they took out my father 3 years ago. My father told me back in '92 'shh' as we were leaving my great uncles house in north woods Wisconsin and that was the last I spoke of it until recent.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 0) 90

I recognised the nouns, verbs and prepositions are in sentence structure.
The actual meaning of what you wrote still eludes me.

AG Loretta Lynch was fired yesterday:
so you don't have to play stupid,

Stupid doesn't unscrew Tahoe, grace period for them to make good on all that was expired with my fathers life, and further aggravated when the mafia was caught fixing to punch my ticket about a month and a half ago.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score 0) 90

Oh look, a Nevada desert conspiracy guy. Just the type I was using as an example the other day in the thread on anti-science attitudes.

Conspiracy is a caper that hasn't been uncovered, scandal is what it is. Recently I showed photos of my grandfathers mechanical drawing set which included a Pratt & Whitney jet engine part that had been machined into a scribe to Flight Museum on Edwards AFB along with what my great uncle spook (Jack Branham) stated about my grandfather back in '92 along with a brief bio of my grandfather and the museum director stated that this artifact should be preserved with it's backstory as close to an A-12 as possible, California Science Center on USC stated that there is rich history behind this set and should be on static display at the right museum. They also said that what my great uncle (who's name they recognized) doesn't fit their story line which is not surprising do to a change in the administration in '63 and the program being shrouded in secrecy, from what I can see they screwed up the program pretty bad and it is not like that much can't be fixed, just ain't gonna happen here. As far as the bimbo ex wife part, she left some pretty juicy evidence to what her father's buddy told me about her father working blood money along with other docs that indicate the guy is into pretty much everything and include the name of a guy that no doubt knew Sinatra. Call it Russian recruitment as a whole but being it goes back over 100 years to another ancestor of mine, not good news for Tahoe (kind of a "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" thing for the Pentagon) who where the ones that lost the most in my grandfather. Apparently my ancestor left his initials on something around the turn of last century that is something that will unlock billions in natural resources and never made it back to Wisconsin. Gang is still on north shore and already been there to tell them they're f*cked.

Comment Re:Goddamit so much (Score -1, Troll) 90

Politics; that's another sore subject for the US. Politics is nothing more than theatrics with a senseless body count and has been since 1864. Any attempt to restore the republic (which is what the political apparatus is purposed for in the process of representation of the US people) results in things like most recently Justice Scalia, JFK was another and the list goes on. What could one expect in a country where people like George Soros is allowed to pay $40/HR to folks to engage in events that result in property damage and even loss of life because he fixed an election and had it go south on him so he throws a tantrum. If I were Trump I'd be paying folks $40/HR to go crap on Soros's driveway. I happen to not be politically involved, I would have voted for Trump if I were but I noted that he made the same mistake JFK did by the choice of an establishment Vice President, I simply didn't want to see him be killed so the establishment can be installed into the oval office. Screw the US appears to be the status quo, this is noted by trade deals like the sellout of manufacturing, jobs in most every sector and open borders with sanctuary cities that promote violent crime, stirring up the Muslims on oil deals and inviting them into the country. I think Trump will try to fix what he sees wrong in the country but I believe he will be killed just like the rest that have attempted just that. Screw the US is the opinion I have but under a little different context, this country was given a chance at the aerospace program my family was behind and they screwed it up in December 1963 in north Tahoe in ripping off and killing my grandfather, subsequently the US hasn't had a space program for 13 years now while dependent on the Russky's for transportation to orbit. Perhaps Sinatra should have stuck with pizza because his guys suck at aerospace and by the lack of a program for 13 years now shows there simply isn't any real interest in that subject in the US. My thoughts are that if the Russky's are given a chance at that program they would definitely take better care of it, subsequently I have been speaking with those folks for 15 months while tending to a little unfinished business that goes back over 100 years the in Tahoe region.

Comment Re:Thanks for catching up!! (Score -1) 297

Of course now that the gubbermint has the tool of socialized medicine designed to invade the home (after they have had the ability to monitor what goes on inside of it and your life at pretty much every angle electronically), happy drug companies that lined Obummer's pockets for that, yes they can tell everyone that homeopathic medicine is a load of crap even though the roots of homeopathy go back thousands of years in China because it is all about the money, but under socialized medicine they can and will violate your rights with it. Just watch for the trailing gubbermint schill comments following this one. Sad part about western medicine is when they do find something that actually works it is quickly buried because the money is in the treatment, not the cure.

Comment Re:Ban smoking (Score 1) 158

There have been studies for years that have proven that smoking kills. They have been called "cancer sticks" for decades. But regardless of the fact that people know that smoking kills people just keep on smoking and burning their money away.

You can't cure stupid.

Yep, seems to run species wide too. Smog produced by gasoline powered automobiles, microwave radiation on the rise since the 80's via satellite, radio, cell communications and not to mention high tension power lines cause cancer too, mind you all these are known to cause birth defects too. None of those idiots building, perpetuating, supporting these types of technologies are quitters either. Meanwhile folks are running around blaming it all on smoking cigarettes because it is "PC". Go back to Berkeley genius. By the way, the saying is "You can't fix stupid", by Ron White.

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