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Comment This isn't news to me (Score 1) 505

A few years ago before Vista came out I went to the local Apple store with her and glanced at one of the desktops. I clicked around for a minute saw the sidebar, "Aero" interface, how the icons jumped around smoothly, etc. I said to her "That's what the new Windows interface is going to look like; they are always copying from Apple". Now keep in mind I hadn't seen a preview of Vista at this time. Sure enough Microsoft's interface looked and acted like the one in the Apple store. I pretty much only use Microsoft products...but I thought it was very funny.

Comment Re:Has the real question been answered? (Score 1) 1172

"They haven't demonstrated any rational thought, as a nation, since proving in 1776 that they had no clue how to make tea. ^.~" You mean like lining up in Red Coats in a straght line, saying, Ready...Aim...FIRE!!! and wondering why they made such good targets? BTW tea is for sissies. Coffee!!!! no sugar or cream. Now that'll put some hair on your chest.

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