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Comment OpenVPN (Score 1) 173

OpenVPN does exactly what you need. You can link your locations with a site-to-site tunnel and include the nets on both sides.

You can set one of the VPN gateways as the default gateway for the other net and OpenVPN runs on all sorts of hardware including WLAN routers and iOS devices.

Comment Re:It's Dupe-L-Licious! (Score 3, Interesting) 121

I don't know much about why there are such restrictions, do they charge different amounts in different countries? Shouldn't it all be pretty much the same, money-wise? Is it an issue of censorship based on the particular country's politics?

It's all about the licenses. Most of the time a TV station with deep pockets buys the rights for a region for a given timeframe from the producers. And they wouldn't be too happy if you could binge watch a whole season on Netflix before they had time to show all the episodes on TV.

So unless Netflix outbids every TV station for the content rights all the time they will always have somebody crying for regional blocks.

Wireless Networking

LightSquared Files For Bankruptcy 138

fallen1 writes "Wireless broadband company LightSquared has filed for bankruptcy. In filings with U.S. Bankruptcy court, it was revealed that LightSquared had assets and debts of over $1 billion each. The decision followed a year-long fight between LightSqaured and GPS users — including some heavyweights like FedEx and UPS. Apparently Boeing and Alcatel-Lucent are heavily invested, but it would be interesting to see what the old Bell Labs could do with the technology."

Comment summary wrong as always (Score 2) 516

They are not talking about prosecuting the real gamers if they violate laws or international treaties inside of a game.

They want game developers to include features in their games, that your game character has to face court martial if the gamer breaks laws or rules of engagement. So they want virtual consequenses for virtual crimes. Sounds fair enough for me.



GE To Turn World's Biggest Civilian Plutonium Stockpile Into Electricity 241

First time accepted submitter ambermichelle writes "GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has proposed to the U.K. government to build an advanced nuclear reactor that would consume the country's stockpile of radioactive plutonium. The technology called PRISM, or Power Reactor Innovative Small Module, would use the plutonium to generate low-carbon electricity. The U.K. has the world's largest civilian stockpile of plutonium. The size of the stockpile is 87 tons and growing. Nuclear reactors unlock energy by splitting atoms of the material stored in fuel rods. This process is called fission. For fission to be effective, neutrons – the nuclear particles that do the splitting and keep the reaction going – must maintain the right speed. Conventional reactors use water to cool and slow down neutrons, keeping fission effective. But water-cooled reactors leave some 95 percent of the fuel's potential energy untapped."

Dropbox Pursues Business Accounts, But Falls Short On Privacy Laws 122

deadeyefred writes "Dropbox last month launched its Teams service, targeted at small and mid-sized businesses — but acknowledges it's not PCI-, HIPAA- or Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Company executives say they also don't provide a highly visible warning largely because customers in beta tests didn't make it an issue. Should cloud services focused at businesses provide clear warnings if they are not compliant with key regulatory requirements, or should business customers just assume they are not?"
Hardware Hacking

Why the Arduino Won and Why It's Here To Stay 224

ptorrone writes "For years, students, journalists, makers and old-school engineers have asked why the Arduino open source microcontroller platform has taken off, with over 100k units 'in the wild' — it's the platform of choice for many. MAKE's new column discusses why the Arduino has become so popular and why it's here to stay. And for anyone wanting to build an 'Arduino killer' (there are many) — MAKE outlines what they'll need to do."

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