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Submission + - Falonium, a science journal run by high schoolers ( 1

MoNickels writes: Torrey Pines High in San Diego County publishes Falconium, one of the first scientific research journals for public high school students. Voice of San Diego interviewed the student staff. As educators across the country fret over students' lack of interest in science, Falconium's popularity points to one possible remedy. Falconium promotes curiosity and encourages students to think about science by allowing students to pick the topics they're interested in, including why MSG makes ramen noodles taste so good, the physics of break dancing and whether human pollution actually causes global warming.
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Submission + - Silence of the Thumbs (

MoNickels writes: Social media has transformed the way people participate in government. Yet governments are limiting politicians' use of devices over transparency concerns, and the proliferation of mediums raises the specter of whether public records law is enforceable.

Submission + - Multi-Shaped Memory Material Created (

Zothecula writes: They’re known as smart materials, memory materials or shape memory alloys, but it all boils down to the same thing: materials that hold one shape, but then take on another at a certain temperature. Such substances have been around for decades, but now researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo have taken them to a new level. Using a patent-pending process, they can embed multiple shape memories in one object – in other words, while memory materials can presently take on only two shapes, going from one to the other at one temperature, using the new process they could take on several shapes at several temperatures.

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