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Submission + - Phrack has reborn : #64 is out

The Circle of Lost Hackers writes: "The hacking electronic magazine Phrack is back online. A new issue has been released this week-end, which ends up more than a year and a half without publication. This issue features a mix of scene articles and many highly technical papers dealing with almost all topics of computer hacking: Hardware, Code analysis & Reverse engineering, previously unpublished Kernel & Heap exploits techniques, applied network intrusion on Windows and UNIX, Cryptanalysis, OsX kernel tricks, are waiting for you. A new volume of a very high quality that reminds some old-school issues as it also includes its amount of Underground and body/mind experiences reports. A must read."

Submission + - ATI to go opensource ?

BESTouff writes: As seen on Chris Blizzard's blog: The ATI marketing guy on stage (Henri Richard) at the Red Hat Summit just committed to fixing the ATI problems with open source. To paraphrase "most people are worried about what they will lose...IP, etc...we're worried about what we can win." They know it's a problem and they are committed to fixing it.

Comment Re:Speculations and guesswork (Score 0) 607

9. Storage Space: With Vista taking as much as 10 Gbytes of hard drive space, big and fast hard drives will be a must.
Hardly relevant, any hard drive sold within the last few years will allow > 100GB.

10. Backup: See No. 9. Backing up desktops will take a great deal of space.
No, do not back up the full installation, only your personal data.

Actually, the 10GB install size for Vista means it won't ever get close to my hard-drive, until I get a bigger one. Currently I have a 120G HDD, which is split 50-50 between Windows and Linux. As we all know, with time, Windows' performance degrades and even though XP does not require reinstalls as often as say, 98 did, it still needs it occasionally. About a year ago, I decided it was time to stop doing an hour-and-a-half* reinstalls and simply repartitioned the Windows space into a 5G C partition and 55G D partition. Windows, firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, firefox and a couple of others go on C and there is still about 700MB left for the swapfile. After I completed installing the aforementioned software, I took and image of the drive under Linux and the next reinstall took about 15 minutes. I could cross my fingers/make a backup and use Partition Magic or similar to enlarge C and lessen D, but I don't think Vista is worth it.

*XP takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Then there are all the essentials, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, drivers, firefox and other much needed programs.

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