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Comment motorcycle != bicycle, but that doesn't matter (Score 0) 449

So, I read the disposition, and the related articles. I don't get it. So the kid is on the downward trajectory. He's into drugs, stole a motorcycle, got in trouble for shooting someone with a pellet gun, and so on.


And yet the court has the audacity to limit his use of computers/internet? I don't get it.

Seriously, if he's 'hacking' or whatever the term is these days and getting in trouble, sure I can dig that separating him from a computer isn't a bad idea, but give me a break. First, he's a 15yo kid. Second, he was on probation and got in trouble, that should tell the court their measures aren't working and they need to look at something else (which they did with the drug rehab thing). Third, he needs someone/something to give him a good kick in the pants, because he's going to end up in jail forever if he keeps this up. Finally, where the h*ll are the parents/guardians and so on that should be actively involved in rehabilitating this kid and getting him back on track.

Comment Re:Don't like the iPhone? Don't buy one (Score 1) 864

Thank you. I keep coming to this, but there are just too many 'I'm pissed because it's cool to be pissed' people on /. and elsewhere. Who gives a damn if you like android or iphone. Being an ardent supporter/thorn to the competition, gets you NOTHING in return. How about this. Let's all just quit worrying about which platform we want to work with and just do some work. I work on what I'm paid to work on, and leave it at that. I take care to know about other platforms, but until I see $'s, I'm not going to be a supporter of anything.

Comment Re:Next up: straightjackets vs. utility belts (Score -1, Troll) 864

That's great and all, but you do realize you don't own the software you are running on your device(s). The software is licensed, and unfortunately you agreed to this when you installed it, so to cry wolf now after the wolf has been let in and given his own master suite, is a little late don't you think?

On the other hand, you could just install linux and own the whole experience. Granted, you still don't really own any of the software, but at least if you need to change something, or understand how it works, you can now.

Comment Re:Control (Score 1) 417

I definitely appreciate the spirit of the article, but I think the conclusion is wrong. Unlike the past, today there are many layers to tinker in. In the 'old days' when I, like the author, were learning about the Apple (I had an Apple II+ and later IIgs), the computer didn't much do anything. We learned the peeks & pokes, not because we were tinkerers, but because it was the ONLY WAY to do cool stuff. As much as I miss the old days, I don't really miss that. The nice thing about today is that you can work at a variety of different levels, from building theme/art work stuff, down to nitty gritty kernel development. Apple isn't stopping you from doing any of those things, and you don't have to buy the damn dev license (for ios devices) unless you plan to sell it on the apple store. I think software development has matured quite a bit since then, and although I too am concerned that developers coming up today know nothing about the hardware, I'm less concerned than I used to be.

Comment Re:Facebook Account (Score 1) 130

Wow, score 1 for being obnoxious. I thought the guy's point was pretty good. This isn't about you, it's about others, and once you've signed up you don't really need to participate in the daily banter.

FB (and it's ilk) are the new internet. We used to all put up personal websites, but that was difficult and it sucked, then came lots of other crap, then Myspace/FB. It's funny that I have friends that don't even have published email addresses anymore and only communicate through FB's mail system.

That all being said, FB's privacy policy is still crap and, yeah, I don't like that they are becoming a central-authority for my ID.

Comment Re:Just great!! (Score 1) 176

I don't know about that. The average 'card-carrying member' won't cheer the downfall of the economy, but the folks in charge certainly do. Without the economy, they really don't have much of a leg to stand on, and even then most of the problems that created this mess are a direct result of their own policies.

Now, that all being said, I don't think politics will fix anything right now. The polarization in congress, the country and in general is ridiculous, and really needs to be sorted. The tea bagger people (although I personally think they are just an arm of the gop...) could have gathered so much more support if they had moved a little closer to the center instead of focusing entirely on hot button social issues. The truth is coming out, and the tea bagger candidates are being lambasted from both the right and the left as a result.

Oh, this was about patents... This whole mess sounds like derivative trading all over again. Good grief, it's not like these companies have nothing better to do with their money (like hire more people, build new product, change the world) and their cadre of retained lawyers.

Comment Re:I am prob one of the only people here with an (Score 1) 579

This is it. I have a first gen Apple TV and although for the longest I was using it hacked and running xbmc and other packages. Today I simply watch what I've already got in iTunes streamed from the computer. Storing any of this crap on the Apple TV is just wrong anyway.

The big thing I worry about is that their rental system is pretty messed up today. You start a download and then try to go do something else (like watch youtube videos or whatever) and then you find your download has been paused until you resume it (LAME). Throw in that their servers must be made out of Pentium 1s wired up with banyan vines or something from 20 years ago and you'll be lucky to watch a rented HD movie on your Apple TV 8 hours after starting the download. Frankly, they have to fix that if they want people to flock to this system.

Beyond that, they need to make i support other formats beyond the quicktime formats. I don't mean abandon what they have, but rather support the others and naturally other containers. It's stupid I have a bunch of movies I ripped years back that I can play in itunes (with addons etc) but can't be viewed on any of my itunes controlled devices. This is really the biggest problem I have with the whole itunes/idevices thing. I like the interface, I kind of like itms and I like that at least the music is drm free, but no out of the box support for other video formats and even some audio formats makes it kind of a pain to deal with for me.

Comment Re:Ouch (Score 2, Insightful) 757

In reality, the main appeal of Android operating systems is that they give phone manufacturers a serious competitor to Apple and they don't have to pay Microsoft. Not to mention, they probably don't care for Windows Mobile.

The problem is that what made the Android OS a serious competitor to Apple was that it wasn't locked. If a phone running Android is locked as tight as an Iphone, I may as well get the Iphone and the "coolness" of owning an Apple product.

Nah, openness had nothing to do with android being a serious competitor.

Gah, not you necessarily, but so many people latch on to a company/product just like they would a sports team. This isn't sport, this is business, and most people buy what's convenient (standing around at a phone store...walmart, radio shack etc...) and what is seemingly cool (shiny graphics... yay), and more and more, what is cheaper than their current stuff.

The coolness factor is probably a bigger factor than anything else. Apple has sexy commercials for their products. The lesson to be learned here is that sexy sells, technobabble mostly sucks by itself, but throw in cute people and wow, I gots to have that 10g phone with xyz widgets now!

Comment Re:Axe in the face would stop it (Score 1) 147

A global law against spamming with punishment of death by axe in the face for proved involvement with spam e-mail would probably frighten many spammers enough to make them stop. Just a thought.

Agreed, however your mom would end up getting axed cuz she sent one of those damn emails with a ton of pictures and a billion forwarding headers and some lame thing about jesus or how obama is turning the country into a socialist state.

Comment Re:Here's your roundup (Score 1, Insightful) 568


But seriously folks...the new iPhone hardware and many of the additions they are making to the OS are really great...but I'm sorry, I still can't get past the walled garden. Again, I know the app store would have everything I would likely need, but I just can't accept being told that an application would be inappropriate for me to use. And yes, I know I could just jailbreak it...but that's not the point. I don't care that I can get around it, I care that the walled garden exists in the first place. As a consumer, the best I can do is vote with my wallet.

This is only my opinion, I don't speak for others, YMMV, etc applies.

You are wrapped up in all the FUD. Take a step back, this isn't life or death and buying a phone doesn't necessarily mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Having principals is great, but you're abstaining from buying won't change anyone else's opinions, nor will it affect Apple's.

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