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Comment Re:Holy crap! People can see me? (Score 1) 109

Way to contribute to the very same problem you are complaining of being treated with (prejudice and irrelevant facts being taken into account).

Someone mod this guy up. If I had mod points to give you...I would give you all of them because you just served the parent thread his ass on a silver platter.

I can't agree with you more. They also will give an 18 year old female cheaper insurance than an 18 year old male because studies show males are more likely to have wrecks and speed. Did they ever think that maybe guys drive more often than females? Think about this, when you go out with your girlfriend or wife...Who drives more often? That's what I thought.

Operating Systems

Submission + - iPhone Not Compatible With any Windows 64 bit (

Mizled writes: "After buying a new iPhone yesterday and bringing it home to sync and activate it, I found out that Windows 64 bit is NOT supported. I get the message "The software required for iPhone is not installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install iTunes again." I do a bit of research on the Apple forums and I found out I'm not the only one. Neither XP 64bit nor Vista 64bit works with the iPhone. Luckily, I do have a Windows XP SP2 32bit version installed on a computer so I can activate and sync my new phone. Some iPhone users are left with no way to activate their phone and use it due to only having 64bit Windows. I called the Apple support line and one of the support representatives said I needed to DOWNGRADE my computer from a 64bit Operating System because Apple will NOT be supporting 64bit Windows on the iPhone. Why should I have to downgrade from 64bit? Why can't they get with the times and upgrade their software to work and function properly? This article on Engadget talks about it briefly. I even spoke with several AT&T employees yesterday who stated the iPhone would be supported on any XP SP2 or Vista editions. I also made a post about my concerns on the Apple iPhone discussion forums which was then removed."

Submission + - iTunes tracks embed all your personal account info

Jaknet writes: The BBC today reported that the new DRM free music available from iTunes contains embedded within them the full name and account information, including e-mail address, of who bought them.

The BBC goes on to speculate... It suggested that this information could be an anti-piracy measure as it could help work out who was putting downloads on file-sharing sites. But it also added that the user information was found on all the tracks that people buy on iTunes whether free of DRM or not.

The BBC has contacted Apple seeking comment but so far the company has not responded.

Other websites said it was only a matter of time before a utility program was produced that which stripped out the identifying information. At this point it is not yet clear how deeply the user data is buried in the track or how easy it is to remove. Lets hope it's soon

Submission + - Can forensics software detect Linux LiveCD usage?

Scruffynerf writes: Regarding the recent thread today on /. regarding forensics software, and with the advent of online document storage systems, such as private Yahoo or MSN groups etc (or even GMail's systems), I'm wondering if forensics software can detect the use of LiveCD's to access illegal content that exists online. I guess that i'm wondering if forensics tools could detect evidence of illegal actions from the following situation: Laptop with a native XP (or Vista (with bitlocker on)) installation. User uses a sufficiently developed LiveDVD or LiveCD (say, Knoppix/Whoppix/Helix or even Ubuntu Ultimate) to access content online piggybacking across unsecured, or minimally secured wireless networks. How would/could investigators firstly locate the malicious user, and secondly that he may have been doing illegal activities? cheers Scruffy

Submission + - Ubuntu Goes Ultraportable (

An anonymous reader writes: The growing number of ultraportable notebook computers has caused many people to reevaluate their choice of an operating system. These systems are small, lightweight, and generally have long battery lives, but their limited processing power presents a problem for newer operating systems and graphic-intensive applications. This article goes over the use of Ubuntu 7.04 in order to optimize the performance of Fujitsu's P7230 notebook. This notebook has a 10.6" LED-backlit LCD and is under 3 pounds, but uses a 1.2GHz Intel Core Solo U1400 processor that has some problems dealing with its stock operating system, Vista Business, especially during multitasking.

Submission + - 1500 students facing legal threat from P2P

hwojtek writes: "After a recent police raid to the campus of Poznan University of Technology (Poznan, Poland), the police has arrested six 'network administrators' who allegedly have run an internal P2P network. More than 2TB of software, movies and music have been found and secured. Now, while this is not a really impressive amount of 'illegal' data, the police now seeks a way to bring charges against... 1500 students who live on the very campus. This might be the biggest-ever one-time legal action against software piracy (?) in Central and Eastern Europe.

Links (in Polish):,33181,415 6894.html,36001,4174449.htm l,GW_Poltora_tysiaca_stu dentow_z_Poznania_pod_sad.html

This is another big police action in Poland after last weeks' action of arresting a sysadmin and three voluntary subtitle translators of due to alleged copyright infringement. (Link:"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Dells: choose wisely and save 25% with Ubuntu

1336 writes: "Yesterday's article erroneously reported that the Ubuntu systems Dell would be selling at "little or no price differential" (note in the comments to the referenced article that the savings for using Ubuntu on equivalent hardware was $50-$100 US off the base system). I just discovered however that for the Dimension E520 vs E520N, if you select "No Monitor" in the options, the price difference jumps from $80 to $140. For such inexpensive systems, that represents just over a 25% savings by selecting Ubuntu instead of Windows ($549 vs $409). At that kind of discount, would you consider Ubuntu for yourself or others (e.g. relatives) even if you hadn't before? Can Microsoft effectively compete in the low-end market?"
United States

Submission + - Bush To Be Dictator In A Catastrophic Emergency

An anonymous reader writes: "The Bush administration has released a directive called the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive. The directive released on May 9th, 2007 has gone almost unnoticed by the mainstream and alternative media. This is understandable considering the huge Ron Paul and immigration news but this story is equally as huge. In this directive, Bush declares that in the event of a "Catastrophic Emergency", the President will be entrusted with leading the activities to ensure constitutional government. The language in this directive would in effect make the President a dictator in the case of such an emergency." — Center for Research on Globalization, Canada

Submission + - Is Your Date of Death Too Much Information?

An anonymous reader writes: I came across a Google gadget, Life Clock, that tells you when you will die and counts down the years, months, days, minutes and seconds until your demise. I find it strangely motivating to see my life trickling away each time I see me home page. Would you want to know your time of death, or is it better not to know?

Submission + - Open Source Helps Find Missing Girl

Cris writes: "An on line community has gathered around, a site dedicated to join efforts to help find misseed 4 y.o. Madeleine Mccann.

The aim of this 'wikipedia' like style is to propose tasks that eventually would be performed by someone able to do it.

The site administrators encourage the use of open source software to accomplish this. For instance, they propose Gimp for image editing of Maddie pictures, Blender for 3D models creation, Hamachi for setting up a VPN, and VLC and Icecast for media streaming. Check it out!"

Submission + - Microsoft posts 65 percent profit rise -

thejynxed writes: rofits.reut/index.html?eref=rss_latest

Microsoft posted a 65 percent rise in quarterly profit Thursday, topping Wall Street estimates due to better-than-expected demand for its new Windows Vista operating system. Shares of Microsoft rose 5 percent after the announcement, in which the world's biggest software company also forecast 2008 profit at the mid-point of a range of analyst estimates. "The strength of Vista is really driving this," said Kim Caughey, analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group. She added that the company had set "manageable expectations for the full year 2008, which generally allows them some headroom." Microsoft posted a net profit of $4.93 billion, or 50 cents per diluted share, in its fiscal third quarter ended March 31 versus a profit of $2.98 billion, or 29 cents per share, in the year-ago period. Excluding tax benefits and a legal charge, Microsoft earned 49 cents per share, beating the average analyst forecast of 46 cents, according to Reuters Estimates. Revenue rose 32 percent to $14.4 billion. Analysts, on average, had forecast revenue of $13.89 billion, with estimates ranging from $13.73 billion to $14.09 billion, according to Reuters Estimates. Microsoft deferred about $1.7 billion in revenue from its second quarter to its third quarter to account for upgrade coupons given to customers prior to the January launch of Vista and Office 2007. Microsoft expects the latest versions of its two flagship products to underpin profit growth over the next few years. Those two product lines alone account for more than half of Microsoft's total revenue and a majority of its profits. Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell said consumer sales of Vista surpassed the company's own expectations by $300 million to $400 million. "There is very good acceptance from a launch perspective for the product. It's early days, but we're encouraged by it," Liddell said in an interview with Reuters.
Now, is it just me, or are they seriously counting OEM installs as "consumer sales"? I would have thought they had enough sense to know and say the difference between selling a copy to Dell or HP and selling a copy directly to the consumer. Especially since they all pay at different price points. I am starting to think they just pull these numbers out of their asses and everyone on Wall Street falls for it. Still, this is the largest gain that MS has posted in quite awhile. Should make the shareholders happier.

Submission + - Microsoft offers Vista upgrade pricing to all

SlinkySausage writes: "With a vague whif of desperation, Microsoft is offering anyone who downloaded one of the betas or release candidates of Vista upgrade pricing for the full version. The 'special' deal is a sweetener for the fact that the betas will start expiring and becoming non-functional from May 31st. APC Magazine in Australia writes: "Windows Vista is starting to look like those Persian rug stores which are always having a 'closing down' sale. 'Full' prices are set laughably high only to make you think you're getting an amazing discount, because no-one pays the marked price. All stock has been slashed, save $$$, why pay more?"

Submission + - 5.84 million Wiis sold worldwide

JamesO writes: "Nintendo has today reported fiscal year revenues of 966.5 billion yen and operating profits of 226.0 billion yen for the year ending March 31, 2007. This is an increase of 90 percent and 150 percent respectively, over the same period one year ago. The Revenues and profits reported are both record highs for the company.

The company has also announced that over the year more than 23 million Nintendo DS systems sold worldwide, with around 123 million Nintendo DS games. In total the Nintendo DS has now sold more than 40 million units.

The Wii is also performing well, selling 5.84 million units worldwide since its release around five months ago. Consumers have also bought almost 29 million Wii games.

For the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2007 Nintendo estimates sales of 14 million Wii systems along with 55 million Wii software titles. The company projects sales of 22 million Nintendo DS units and 130 million DS software sales.

As of March 31, 2008, these estimates would put worldwide sales of Wii at 19.84 million, with the DS sitting pretty with sales of 62 million units."

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