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Comment Re:Dumb. (Score 1) 513

Maybe, but how is any of that your business? How you treat your daughter is relevant to how you might treat your employees, but is it any business of those employees? And let me tell you something, child -- and you MUST be young to be this naive -- if you think "tight situations" arise only "here and there" you have had far too easy a life and are probably going to be in for a very rude surprise down the line. And with that smug attitude, I certainly hope so.

Comment Re:Hey (Score 1) 909

As a woman, I find that an insulting and sexist thing to say. We women don't sit around and say things like, "Come on, ladies, this arguing is stupid and pointless. Stop acting like men!" Though judging from the fact that this is what happened here and from the content of your comments, I guess we should start.

Comment Re:Linux: Debian (Score 0) 79

First, the small font used for the non-mainpage stories makes me read the story title as "Lesbian decides to adopt time-based release freezes".

Me too! My first thought was, "I guess the lesbians from the porn industry get used up so fast that they want updated versions every couple of weeks or so." Yeah, I could see where that would get annoying to the lesbian developers.

Comment Re:Doesn't hurt them? (Score 1) 113

I know I'm probably prejudiced but electro-shock therapy sounds too much like torture to me. Maybe it's because it has been used as torture in the past, maybe it's because it had the effect of being torture even if the therapy sort of worked, or maybe it's just because there are too many guys I've met online who wanted me to do that to them. Let's just say I have an aversion to it. I have PTSD and tend to suffer from depression and I am currently going for treatment, but I'll have to say no to electro-shock.

Comment Re:No not really (Score 1) 493

Never heard of any complaints about the "ribbon UI" before, but I'm sure if MS was changing it you'd be the first they'd notify.

You must have been deaf, blind and living in a cave for the last few years then. Everywhere on the web, from /. to Lifehacker to chat rooms to DeviantArt, I have heard complaints about the new UI. But I think the most telling thing, though, is to ask a few simple questions of people who seem to like it. Ask them what else is new and/or improved about Office 2007. I've yet to get an answer.


Submission + - First Extra-Galactic Planet Detected? (universetoday.com)

Nancy Atkinson writes: "Using a technique called Pixel-lensing, a group of astronomers in Italy may have detected a planet orbiting another star. But this planet is unique among the 300-plus exoplanets discovered so far, as it and its parent star are in another galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy, to be exact. Technically, the star in M31 was found to have a companion about 6 times the mass of Jupiter, so it could be either a brown dwarf or a planet. But either way, this is a remarkable feat, to find an object of that size in another galaxy."

Comment Re:Flash (Score -1, Flamebait) 171

My, the bitterness! Haven't met a woman who didn't demand the money up front in a while, huh?

What made this amusing enough to be worth replying to for me is how you proved the exactly opposite point in your rush to be an asshole. A poster who might be a female apparently does NOT get any special treatment around here, he or she gets immediate abuse just because they might be female. No special treatment or modding up in sight. Thank you very much for proving us women absolutely correct when we complain about the abusive, sexist hostility we receive on male-dominated sites like this.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 3, Insightful) 287

Wow. Seriously, people, wow. I'm not a historian, but I wonder if there's ever been a period in history where the fortunate were so incredibly delusional about how lucky they are, and actually believe that anyone else fortunate than themselves is just lazy. You don't really believe this, do you? Do you really think that someone would PREFER to live under a bridge, enduring inclement weather, harassment from the police and the threat of violence from others on the street, rather than get a job, work, and rent a cheap apartment where, at the very least, they're inside out of the rain? My God. You don't really think it's that easy out there, where you can get a job just because you're able to organize stuff without much difficulty? if so, I hope that you and the others posting the like on this article never lose your jobs and become homeless, for your own sakes; you're so clueless that you wouldn't last a month, let alone long enough to get another job and a place to live.

Comment Re:Some basic rules to follow. (Score 3, Insightful) 281

Why not just post next time with "My opinion is worthless, please ignore me>" since it's obvious that your "stance" is about as strong as a peice of wet paper.

And your alternative? Oh yeah, we're back to protesting and working to change laws which has done absolutely no good whatsoever since the 60s. So what's your point? You don't seem to have one to have one.

Comment Re:K.I.S.S (Score 2, Interesting) 342

EXACTLY. Since Win 98, I always customized Explorer to show most of the extra buttons on the toolbar, changed the folder options to suit me, etc. In Vista these options are gone. You see, in designing the Vista UI they just used the old Explorer defaults and threw away all the extras, figuring that nobody used them anyway. In other words, they designed for the inexperienced users who hadn't been using it very long, not an experienced user that knew they could choose which view they preferred for that directory, icons or what have you and could choose that with the press of a button. No, they had to spread that out over half of a toolbar so they'd be sure to see it.

This philosophy is how they redesigned the entire system so far as I can tell. I used Vista at work and yes, SP1 did improve it, but I still hated it. All the little simple tools I'd taken advantage of for years (e.g., in Explorer before Vista, just glance to the left to see how big a file is) were missing, it was slower than my XP box at home that had the same amount of RAM and actually a less powerful CPU (Superfetch is supposed to make frequently-used apps load faster, but that only sped them up to ALMOST XP-speed). Now, I expect that a newer, more powerful version of something to use more resources, but I expect something in return for that besides a prettier UI. I may not get transparency out of it, but I can patch the uxtheme.dll in XP, apply a theme or msstyle and it will look pretty good without it using up hundreds more megs in RAM. Vista just doesn't offer me anything that I actually need since I have XP and know how to use it.

I haven't tried 7, but at least from what I hear it does have two features that interest me: minimize other windows by shaking the one I'm using ("aero shake") and making items on the taskbar appear as icons instead of as an icon and a text description. But that probably still means giving up all those little extra tools I've used for years that I mentioned above, so I'm not sure that I want it yet. Most likely not, since I hear that the DRM is absolutely Draconian. The last thing I want is more DRM and I'm willing to go without rather than put up with that crap.

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