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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 65

Net Neutrality is a good thing. I am all for it.

But off net content bears additional charges to an ISP then on-net costs. There are reasons that most ISP's - the same ones who provide cable TV - host netflix servers on-site.

The issue is that every ISP could arguably use this as an advantage against any competing business and that would suppress competition.

Comment Re:Big news (Score 1) 214

The money is clearly owed by Volkswagen owners. Just like the owners of any other brand of car with high emissions paid. The Mayor is simply saying that since Volkswagen owners were deceived by Volkswagen, and government monitoring devices were cheated, all knowingly by Volkswagen, then Volkswagen should be responsible for paying the fees.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

So when their is saturation in the network it's not from bandwidth consumption? You ISP or phone provider can't fix this by spending their money and splitting nodes, etc.?
Your 10/100 NIC had to be upgraded at cost to you.
Your 2.4 had to be upgraded at cost to you.
But your ISP does not need to spend money to upgrade to provide more bandwidth?

Comment Re:Explanation: Protects rental stock (Score 3, Interesting) 211

There is more than that. Hotels also charge taxes (federal/provincial and local) on each room and about 3% of the 16% tax goes to support tourism. As rental properties aren't taxable, but rooms rentals are, this is a 16% advantage an Airbnb rental has. And pretty good chance most people who rent via Airbnb aren't paying income tax on that either.

In Victoria BC, the city is trying to make all renters register and pay taxes the same as any hotel and there is outrage amongst renters. Many don't want to have to collect and remit the same taxes those they compete with must.....

Comment Re:People still use blacklists??? (Score 1) 279

Who posted this interesting? Shaw do not allow mail servers on dynamic IP's. This is for obvious reasons. Spamhaus treat dynamic IP's the same way. Unless you are using your own mail server you will not be affected by Shaw or Spamhaus's policy that the parent is talking about.
Anyone running their own mail server should be using a static IP address.

Comment Re:California Gas Prices (Score 2) 398

You are looking at up to $3.60 per gallon in L.A right now per

California, per the link you provided charges $0.48 per gallon tax PLUS 7.5% state sales tax plus 2% local tax in many areas. "May include" does not mean "does include".

The state tax portion adds $0.27 to the tax and the 2% another $0.07 for a total tax of between $0.75 and $0.82 in California.

Per you link which shows most States with no sales tax to be added and taxes of under $0.30 per gallon, you are validating the grandparents claim that the tax is $0.50/gallon higher....

Comment Re:I hope they ban his ass (Score 4, Informative) 911

Maybe there is a real reason.

He was born in Brazil and lived there until he was 9. He has not lived in the US since 2010. He renounced his citizenship in September 2011 long before the IPO was announced, although I am sure he knew the direction.

He is still a Brazillian citizen. If he has to pay US taxes based upon his citizenship wouldn't he also need to pay Brazillian taxes based upon his citizenship as well?

Comment Re:Ads included? (Score 1) 366

I am not off by a quarter. I linked and pulled my data from which is Apples 4th quarter report. So if the data is incorrect, it is Apple data that is incorrect. And I doubt that.

Additionally, I never discussed Apple's net income. "Apples quarterly profit from their last quarter was just over $6 billion "
Apple profit is $6 billion, again from the same report. Profit is not equal to net income.

All my math came from legally filed financial reports.

You still do not comment on the math. Per Samsungs financials they had $3 billion profit from handset sales.
Apple had $6 billion in profits (total not just iPhone).
So unless Apple loses money on everything but handset sales Apple cannot have an 85% share of the profits. Assuming 100% of Apple profit were from iPhone between Samsung and Apple alone that would be $9 billion profit with Samsung pulling in 33% of the profits.

Comment Re:Ads included? (Score 2, Insightful) 366

You do realize that Apple makes more than just smartphones, don't you?

You quote the same one article that I was replying too.

And from the article I linked to discussing the Samsung $5 billion: "“(While) 60-70 per cent of (Samsung’s) profit came from handset sales this quarter, ... with memory chip prices rising, chips will play a big part in second quarter profits,” said Kim Sung-in, a chip industry analyst at Kiwoom Securities."

So $3 billion alone from handset sales this quarter.
How much of Apples $6 billion is from handset sales?

Apple don't say. But they do say "The Company sold 17.07 million iPhones in the quarter. Apple sold 11.12 million iPads during the quarter. The Company sold 4.89 million Macs during the quarter. Apple sold 6.62 million iPods."
So less then 50% of the devices sold by Apple were handsets.

Per your article, Samsung = 15% and per my link they made $3 billion. That would mean that Apple made $17 billion on iPhone sales and lost enough money on everything else to bring them down to the $6 billion profit.

I don't believe your article is correct.

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