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Comment You must be so proud (Score 1) 666

Often I am very proud of my male techie compatriots, today is not that day. You sound like petty thoughtless children, arguing as if this were a debate over the rules in some D&D game, rather than an attempted rape, that through pure luck and forthrightness the woman was able to escape. I'm not entirely sure why your first thought is to disbelieve and come up with reasons why it might not be true, regardless of the fact that her claim is more likely to cause her harm than good and her entire motivation is to make sure nobody else suffers the same fate. In fact I'd go as far as to say you'd be pretty foolish if you think she's likely to come out of this smelling like roses and go on to have an even more successful career because of it, you'll also be struggling to explain to me how a woman can manage to punch herself in the face and steal her own possessions. For the purposes of balance I went over to his blog to see what he had to say for himself, what did I find? No explanation of the events of the evening, which he described would be 'adding to the drama', but he did take the time to question her sanity, call her a liar, and suggest she has a mental disorder, rather than mentioning that he went to her room, he merely describes her as someone he just happened to be at the same conference as. On reading her recollection of the events of the evening they seem sensible straight forward and level headed, his blog post seems ranty, unhinged and smarmy. But to be honest I'm not sure why slashdot's first response is to take his word over hers especially when he has yet to actually give his word, you might want to seriously question why this is, you might discover something about yourself that you need to address. Sometimes people we thought we knew, turn out to be bad people, yes it's difficult, yes it's unnerving, but perhaps you should man up and face it, because when revelations of other incidents surface and they have already started to, you're going to feel pretty shitty that you were arguing pathetic pseudo legal points about how we can never know who did what to whom.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 5, Insightful) 666

Far be it from me to expect you to have read the article, but she did go to the police, they weren't interested, her next resort was the conference organisers they decided because security footage showed her letting him into her room that meant nothing could have happened, So after this she resorts to her blog, They both have injuries from the struggle, he stole her possessions, lied about it and then they were subsequently found in his room, all of which you'd know if you'd I don't know read about it, but you instant leap to disbelieve her is admirable, it will serve you well in the future, good luck with that.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: Stronghold kingdoms

I have been taking part in Firefly Studio's "Stronghold Kingdoms" MMO alpha testing and would like to share some observations and comparisons between the MMO and the original Stronghold Isometric view RTS.

Comment Re:Spill cleanup tech is not new or invented by Ke (Score 1) 289

And you don't think the minute it started BP didn't arrange to have all this equipment to clean it up deployed, you know they did because if they hadn't it would be all over the news, instead the news focused on the fact that they hadn't plugged the leak, nobody was saying and they aren't cleaning it up.

Comment Spill cleanup tech is not new or invented by Kevin (Score 5, Informative) 289

I have done work with Allmaritim and trialed and tested their NOFI Oil Spill equipment equipment in New Zealand and this technology is neither new nor invented by Kevin Costner. It is very sophisticated equipment and has been around for a long time. Are we supposed to think that nobody has been working on oil spill tech until Kevin came on the scene and said "hey we should do something about this" we also do work with Slickbar another spill tech company if you go to their websites you'll find their kit is being used in the gulf, the company Kevin has something to do with, make centrifuges, you've got to collect the oily water first before you can separate it. You take Kevin Costner out of the story and the story is about some kind of cool oil separating centrifuges, not Kevin rushing in to save us from the oil which, we had in the meantime, been twiddling our thumbs and staring at.

Submission + - To all those who do not understand the internet (

MisterSchmoo writes: "Every day I read another article about some pre-internet dinosaur bemoaning the fact that the internet has made them irrelevant and obsolete, though they don't admit this, or are not aware of this, they are usually calling for censorship, stronger copyright laws, protectionism or simply that the government levy the populace and give them the cash because it's not fair that they can't make money the way they used to.

The latest group seem to be journalists, or rather media publishing companies, who don't like the fact that people want free news delivered via the net rather than paid news delivered in paper form by an 11yr old boy.

Whilst it may be true that if forced by law, all those websites that simply re-broadcast news sourced from these companies sites and make money from the advertising would no longer be able to make money from their labour, this does not mean that the general public will happily start paying these media publishing companies for their news.

What is more likely is that people will simply switch to another free website that actually does gather news using actual reporters and makes their money from advertisers on their site, people are not going to pay for news, and if they were they would not pay for the drivel put out by the likes of Rupert Murdoch's army of semi articulate imbeciles. The point that I think a lot of people, corporations, governments, conservatives seem to miss is that what makes the internet what it is, is that it's free uncensored and non legislated, anybody can and will say whatever they like, and like it or not some of the things they have to say you might not like, but that's the nature of the beast, the minute you try and attach laws and restrictions and censorship to it, people will stop using it and use something else.

The day all the govermnents will be slapping themselves on the back congratulating themselves on how they have finally reined in the internet and made it safe for little Timmy aged 3, all the people currently using what is now the internet will have been using whatever it's sucessor will be for at least 3 years.

The reason for this is simple, the internet is not a thing, it is an idea, it is an idea based on already existing technologies but at the same time on technologies that will be invented tomorrow and next week and in the forseeable future, so you can't ban it, censor it or tame it, because by the time you do, it will be reformed using something new, that you haven't even learnt about yet.

The idea is simple, multiply redundant connectivity or rather I'm connected to you and you're connected to me and your friend but I'm also connected to your friend so if you are taken out of the equation, I'm still connected to your friend, multiplied by everyone on the internet and multiplied by every protocol and service currently in use, so to waste time trying to shut down (for example) the pirate bay is futile in that it's not the pirate bay, but the idea of unlimited unrestricted connectivity that you are fighting and you can't kill an idea like that. And the idea that you will just legislate against ISPs and force them to disconnect me, is tantamount to removing my letterbox because I sent a chain letter, it is not your right to disconnect me from the rest of the world, in this day and age where the internet is used for paying bills, buying food, contacting relatives and accessing government information, you might just as well turn off the fire hydrant outside my house because I was late paying my water bill.

You are trying to gain control over an idea that you never had, will never have and can never have, not just because it's practically impossible but mostly because the people don't want you to, and likely never will."

Comment It works well and looks great. (Score 0) 381

I have been using chrome for about 3 months now and I have to say I like it, the tab layout at the top is very conservative with your screen real estate and very intuitive. Why the home button is disabled by default I have no idea but once you turn that on, it works well, I love how it remembers the last 9 or so pages you have visited as thumbnails on the start page and how you can arrange folders full of bookmarks across the top. and they don't hog the screen when you move away to other pages. It really hated facebook before version 2 but I just checked version 2 and it has no issues so far, so I'm going to stick with Chrome. Firefox could take a leaf out of chromes book with the tab layout, it won't even let me hide all the menus bars that I want to. I know some people like to waste a whole inch of the top of their screen as they browse the web, but I think it's just crazy, especially if you have a widescreen which has a less than full height screen to begin with. I wish there was a shell replacement for explorer that looked like chrome so I could sort out my windows desktop the same way.

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