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Java's New G1 Collector Not For-Pay After All 171

An anonymous reader writes "As a follow-up to our previous discussion, Sun appears to have quietly edited the Java 6u14 release notes language to say now: 'G1 is available as early access in this release, please try it and give us feedback. Usage in production settings without a Java SE for Business support contract is not recommended.' So does this mean it was all one huge typo? Or was Oracle/Sun tentatively testing the waters to see the community's reaction? In either case it's nice to see Java's back on the right path."

Comment Re:Microsoft Begs Win 7 Testers To Clean Install (Score 1) 420

has more products
                           [] Linux software encyclopedia
                                                                There are literally millions of unix scripts, programs, and utilities for Linux. (...)

Half of the links on that list don't seem to exist (anymore). It's sourceforge-effect, which always comes into play when looking for non-standard Linux software: most of what you find is gone, no longer maintained, bugged, outdated and/or useless. If you actually find something usefull, the next hurdle is the compilation and the dependencies. With Linux you seem to have two choices: limit yourself to the software available in the distro's package manager, or fire up your terminal and prepare for some sweet hours of tinkering. Altough i don't mind the tinkering (or otherwise I wouldn't be running Linux), it is not an option for most users. So basically, the set of available software for Linux-users is rather limited, especially when you are looking for non-development related stuff.


Legends of Zork Goes Live 76

TinBromide writes "The developers over at Jolt Online Gaming have released Legends of Zork to the general public. It's a free, browser-based, adventure game based on the world of Zork. You play as a Traveling Salesman, recently laid off from FrobozzCo. You start off in a clearing, where a white house has a boarded up door. From there, you can do what you like. Explore the world, fight other salesmen in PVP, or try out your Darkvision Goggles in the dark — just try not to get eaten by a grue." It's free in that you're given 30 Action Points each day, which are consumed by moving about and fighting. Their business model is that if you want more Action Points, you can purchase more.

Comment Re:April Fools? (Score 1) 1127

1. Driver support. Usually from a lack of manufacturer support.
2. No central focus on meeting business needs (tech support). This complaint is changing with such a large amount of development occurring with programmers employed by business communities for open source development.
3. Have to give up favorite Windows programs (apps & games). This improves over time, but yes, it is a different environment, again with a different historical focus.

These are not criticisms, but excuses. You have listed the standard responses of some Linux-people to criticism, which all miss the point. Real and usefull criticism focuses on why linux might not be the best or perfect os (for the desktop) and how to fix this.


Steam To Begin Hosting Game Mods 81

Valve made a brief announcement on Friday that they will be allowing the download of user-created game mods directly from Steam. "Once installed, these MODs will appear in your 'My Games' list and will receive automatic updates just like other games on Steam. Also, these MODs now take advantage of Steamworks, which provides stat tracking and tighter integration with the Steam community." Mods will be available for five different games to start, and more in the future.

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