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Comment Re:Netherlands government: Sensible, not corrupt. (Score 1) 128

Almost the perfect honeypot.

Almost. You'll be hard pressed to find another government having their limp fist up the US' 'backdoor' as deep as the current government of The Netherlands.
If this luring game works, they get to get to suck dick as well, that's my take on this.

Be sensible: Secure Data and the Cloud are two mutually exclusive concepts.

Comment Re:Who would've thought (Score 2) 231

The younger crowd farts in an off key and they think they're some freedom fighter. In reality present young generations buy the "State"'s eff you dee lock stock and barrel. Exactly that's why us older ones cannot die just yet; it is us -- we are the blossom of our respective nations; we've got jobs to carry out.

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