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Comment Quit being douches! (Score 2) 118

Bill Gates has done more good for this world since he stepped down as the business leader of Microsoft then any of us will ever manage to do. As a business man he was decisive, aggressive and focused. He was arguably the best at what he did. As a philanthropist he appears to be doing the same thing.

It would have been easy for him to sit back with his riches and let them pile up and do nothing. But no, he does the hard thing. He tries to help the world be a better place, he tries to help the human race as a whole and you guys just continue shitting all over him for it.

Fuck Slashdot. I cannot even count how many years I have been here and you fucks have ruined it. Back in the day there would have been some conversation of this but it would not have turned into the circle jerk of wannabes waving their nerd peens.

Comment Embrace technology (Score 1) 108

Do away with the paper record. Record information on tablets with hand crank power or solar power if needed. Use wireless networking to tie the sites together. Keep information centrally. If the power is out and I mean truly out you can fall back on paper forms until the information can be updated into the system.

Paper is going to do nothing but hurt the implementation.

Comment The glass ceiling (Score 1) 504

I am degree-less. I have been in the IT industry for 16 years now. I am a sr-System Administrator and I have hit the ceiling of what I can make in this position with my education. In retrospect I should have spent the 4-6 years when I was younger to go to school and pick up an IT related degree. My life would have been much easier had I done so and I would not have had to spend so much time proving myself capable. The piece of paper not only serves as a ticket into the industry but also serves as lubrication moving forward.

Speaking from experience there is no worse feeling then having a new fresh out of school graduate with no practical knowledge join your company and make as much or more then you. There is no worse feeling then being over looked by a member of HR only to be told outside the hiring process that the only reason you lost the position was that an applicant with a university degree and not even a 10th your experience got the position because the HR person believes that "If I had to spend 4 years in university to get a job everyone else has to as well".

I make a really good wage and I have a great job, but I live in fear of moving to a new position or being forced to find a new position as the ability to get my foot in the door is always uncertain.

At 37 years old and 16 years in, I am considering going back to school to pick up a piece of paper that states I am capable of learning to do what I have been doing for the last 16 years. So yeah, take the time now to do it, not when you have a family to support and obligations that make it infinity more difficult.

Open Source

Submission + - Security Tool HijackThis Goes Open Source (securityweek.com)

wiredmikey writes: The popular free security tool HijackThis has been open sourced by its owner, Trend Micro. The tool scans systems to find settings that may have been modified by spyware, malware or other programs that have wiggled their way onto a system and caused problems.

Downloaded over 10 million times, HijackThis generates reports to help users analyze and fix an infected or problemed computer. But the tool is not designed for novices – and doesn’t actually determine what’s good or bad. That’s up to you, but it is a good way to keep an eye on things and possibly locate anomalies that may have been missed by other security products. Trend Micro warns that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s probably not a good idea to make any changes to your computer settings and system files.

Trend Micro acquired the tool from creator Merijn Bellekom in 2007, and has offered it for free ever since, but now is making the code available to the public. The code, originally written in Visual Basic, is now officially available at Sourceforge here.

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